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The TANDsoft booth at the NonStop TBC 2023 in Denver

TANDsoft – NonStop TBC 2023 update.

The 2023 Connect NonStop Technical Boot Camp (TBC) took place in Denver, CO in September, and TANDsoft was there.

It was a great pleasure meeting in person again and we hope to continue this going forward.

In case you missed the Show…, we had very positive feedback from NonStop customers at our booth, especially concerning the use of FS Backup and Restore to ensure a Rapid Recovery After a Ransomware Attack and the Blazing fast Compare and Repair for all NonStop files and tables.

FS Backup and Restore – Blazing fast Backup and Recovery.

Initial FS Backup: 37 minutes ( Backup of 5,000 Tables )
Next FS Backup: 7 minutes ( Backup of Data Changes to 2,000 Tables )
FS Restore: 7 minutes ( Restore 100 Tables and CDC updates )
FS Compare: 90 seconds ( Compare 100 Tables )

FS Compare and Repair – Blazing fast Data Validation for HPE NonStop.

FileSync – Synchronizes all file types between HPE NonStop servers.

OPTA2000 – The NonStop Clock and Time Zone simulator.

TANDsoft microfiber cloth for 2023

We hope to see you in person at the next Show or VNUG, Stockholm, October 24 – 25