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Inaugural meeting of the latest Connect Community Tech Forum, Business Integration and Analysis at TBC22

Connect Tech Forum


Was it the food? Was it perhaps the liberal availability of adult beverages? Was it just a place to retreat to and escape the NonStop community gathered on the exhibition floor? Perhaps it was all of the above but by showing up (against a competitive session directly opposite the venue), there was enough familiar faces to get things rolling.

However food and drinks, so graciously provided as a result of the Connect organization tapping the resources of the event staff at the Hyatt hotel, never guarantee a turn out. And yet, beginning with a trickle made up mostly of family and friends, attendees began arriving. It attracted a good mix of consultants, vendors and customers along with HPE NonStop and Connect folks. Connect’s Stacie Neall was seen happily snapping photos of the gathering.

The NonStop community has a rich tradition supporting topics of interest. Put it down to the inquisitive nature of the NonStop community in general. Put it down too to the real desire to learn more about a subject that is topical. When it comes to data, the NonStop community has come to understand that the role NonStop plays as a platform supporting mission-critical applications will result in data being created on NonStop.

With this awareness comes the realization that data created on NonStop will lessen in importance if it isn’t replicated to where it can be analyzed. Today, when the subject of analysis is raised it is almost certainly in the context of having that analysis performed on specialist servers. HPE HPC Apollo comes to mind.

Stepping up to consider that this Tech Forum would be a good place to broach the topic of NonStop working with Apollo (to name one example) in a hybrid capacity where NonStop and Linux were working together shouldn’t be a stretch. After all, today’s NonStop system is already a hybrid comprised of NonStop, Linux (CLIMs) and Windows (Console).

However, when it came to discussing one scenario to help focus the dialogue, the subject of human trafficking was raised. This topic was a subject of the presentation first given at CTUG this year and then again at NonStopTBC22 by Justin Simonds, HPE Master Technologist, where Justin pointed out that NonStop might play an important role. After all, it was always going to be a case of follow-the-money and in that regard, the majority of financial transactions flow through at least one NonStop system.

In the coming year expect to read more on this topic as this first gathering only lightly touched on the subject matter even as it generated immediate interest. But the most important consideration of all is that to read more on what will be the subject of future discussions within the Tech Forum, you need to register with Connect.

It isn’t hard; just visit the Connect Community web site, tab across to Community and then select Connect Tech Forum: Business Integration and Analysis.

And while on the page, check my comment soliciting feedback – and yes, of course, don’t hold back As for next gathering it is in the works to hold the next session in May, 2023 when we gather in Edinburgh for the pan-European event, eBITUG.

Richard Buckle