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Insider Technologies adapting to suit modern NonStop demands

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For someone new to the NonStop space, Karl Gilbank has been hugely impressed by the closeness of the community and the continued development of the HPE product. Karl joined Insider Technologies earlier this year with a remit to develop the Sales & Marketing strategy for the firm.

“Most impressive”, says Gilbank, “is the variety of applications that have – and continue to be – developed for the NonStop device. Monitoring, batching, and DR remain core parts of almost every HPE NonStop user, but political, economic, and social pressures are forcing software developers to rethink their strategies and adapt to the world of digital disruption.

Transformation in the HPE NonStop world (NS-X, vNS, Cloud, Hybrid Cloud) and the subsequent adjustments for Insider Technologies clients are on the product roadmap, but Gilbank says he’s thinking even more ahead.

“As many of our existing solutions have been customized over the years, we’re looking to create more solutions that are designed around a ‘lift and shift’ model; SaaS tools for asset management and change control, alongside more intricate monitoring products that will help our clients to improve efficiencies”.

Insider Technologies is also taking a ‘mobile – first’ approach.

Lighthouse enables customers to monitor the NonStop’s critical functions: CPU, Disk Space, etc. It’s also designed to monitor transactional services, including POS and ATM networks. With a growing trend for home working and BYOD, Lighthouse is there to help IT Service Managers to monitor critical services at all times.

Having said that, Gilbank continues to return to the solutions that has made Insider Technologies one of the most established experts on the HPE NonStop circuit.

“Reflex continues to be a staple of the NS monitoring space: we are upgrading existing customers to v4.8 and we have new implementations planned for next quarter”, says Gilbank. “But we’re nowhere near to full capacity and it’s the vision of transformation that we need to continue to pursue. Our product roadmap is determined by our clients – we place them at the heart of everything we do. And we’d welcome any input around the challenges they might face to help shape our development strategy”.

You can follow Insider Technologies on Twitter @insidertech, on LinkedIn, or get in touch via

Karl Gilbank | Sales & Marketing Director
+44 161 868 6658