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Insider Technologies releases MultiBatch 10

Insider Technologies


Insider Technologies announced during NonStop Technical Boot Camp 2022 the release of  MultiBatch 10, which is now available for ordering. MultiBatch is specifically designed for HPE NonStop servers making the best use of the fault tolerance and scalability features. NonStop users can now leverage all the benefits of relying on Insider Tech’s comprehensive approach to the often stressful process of ensuring what is meant to run actually does run and does so across a multisite deployment of NonStop.

So why exactly should the NonStop user community welcome MultiBatch 10? And what is the need of NonStop users to look at software to meet the challenge of automating workloads required to run on NonStop? Then too, what if users are already working with NetBatch and NetBatch Plus; doesn’t their functionality include workload management?

It has become clear that in today’s IT world, the skillsets to juggle the many competing tasks eager to consume resources have progressed to where the sheer complexity is beyond the abilities of those overseeing the workloads. No longer can a single whiteboard chart the steps required to complete a task, nor is it best left to a series of spreadsheets that, over time, have become unreadable. Perhaps it all moves along quite nicely until, that is, an exception arises, and alerts begin to stream across a screen.

However, just as important for those tasked with the oversight of tasks scheduled to run on NonStop is the ever-present demand for timeliness and, just as importantly, the same level of availability as would be expected from any operation supported by NonStop. Having said that, the evidence is that job scheduling is becoming even more demanding with the upward trend of robotic process automation in the process control space and buy now pay later options being offered up by financial services firms. With this demand, any operator intervention might prove to be just as problematic as if the task was simply left to fail. Should scheduling cross NonStop boundaries where there is a mix of traditional NonStop and virtual NonStop, such complexities will only escalate.

MultiBatch provides NonStop users with the tools they need to better meet the needs of the enterprise, the needs of IT professionals tasked with the oversight of NonStop systems and ultimately, the needs of the end-users themselves. In a world where a sense of normality is returning to the enterprise and where the business landscape is becoming even more competitive, NonStop must be seen as providing more than just a processor of transactions but rather a source of data capable of providing the business insights all enterprises are demanding of all participating solutions. MultiBatch is just the right vehicle for ensuring nothing is lost or overlooked when time is critical.

Optimized for NonStop and leveraging the attributes of NonStop, MultiBatch delivers enterprise-class functionality for the demanding workload requirements of mission-critical systems by combining high-performance and parallel processing with enhanced operational control across your HPE NonStop nodes from a single interface. Whether you are running L-Series or J-Series OS and you happen to also be a TS/MP (Pathway) site where the COBOL85 RunTime Library is present, then you have all the prereqs in place to run MultiBatch today.

But the biggest reason why NonStop customers will want to consider replacing or complimenting NetBatch with MultiBatch is Insider Tech’s commitment to continuous development.

The NetBatch-Plus manual was last updated in 2002 and the Netbatch manual in 2014.MultiBatch 10 was released in 2022, and version 10.1 is well underway, with a release scheduled in October 2023. MultiBatchis designed for and by the NonStop customer. We have created a 3/6/9-year roadmap for the product, which we will continue to validate with HPE NonStop customers. NetBatch and NetBatch Plus have been in “maintenance mode” for 20 years; MultiBatch is a product that will evolve actively based on customer needs.    

The iterative development of MultiBatch should offer a positive reinforcement of a solution that meets all these enterprise needs even as it ensures that the growing complexity of IT doesn’t become a contributing factor in and of itself that makes getting answers even more problematic. In an environment where Service Level Agreements (SLAs) have become important to IT, having a solution that assists in meeting the terms of such agreements is vital.

To read the datasheet in full, download the pdf here or contact for more information.

David Hall | Product Owner
+44 (0) 161 876 6606