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Introducing HPE Integrity Detective Explorer (IDX)

4Tech Marketing Team

4tech software


4Tech participating in the BITUG Little SIG, December 2023

HPE NonStop customers now are realizing the benefits of the latest feature offering from 4Tech Software – HPE Integrity Detective. NonStop customers with multiple systems will be pleased to know they can now view the live integrity status of each of their systems in a single window.

Any system which detects a change to one of its monitored items* will immediately be highlighted in the IDX console (and alerts sent to whatever you’ve configured). Users can then click on the relevant system, launching the applicable GUI to reveal exactly what’s changed. If it’s a known change, you can accept it (fully audited of course) and you also have the option to add a note to every action, in this case, potentially referencing a valid change request – useful for anyone wanting to know why a change has been accepted in the future. If it’s a suspicious change, you’ll be able to quickly identify what’s changed and launch the appropriate investigation as to how it changed.

*HPE Integrity Detective (ID) is the most comprehensive integrity monitoring solution available for HPE NonStop. As well as monitoring (and providing real time alerts on) whichever critical Guardian and OSS files you want to watch, it also monitors all subsystem configurations too – from Netbatch, to Pathway, to CLIM configs, Safeguard objects, SSH and even any third party program with a COM output such as SSL/TLS, BASE 24, Spooler, TMF, data replication etc. etc.. Not only that, ID can also create alerts if unexpected objects are introduced to monitored locations and can even automatically monitor expected new objects such as rolled over log files.

As with all HPE NonStop products by 4tech Software, everything except the GUI is 100% NonStop based – so everything is protected according to your NonStop security policies and there is no need for any additional hardware and the headaches/vulnerabilities that come with it.

HPE Integrity Detective (including IDX) is available exclusively from Hewlett Packard Enterprise. Please visit or contact your HPE NonStop account manager for further information.