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IR: Focusing Prognosis Hybrid Cloud Platform on Payments Industry



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IR Aug 21 - 1

For a very long time IR’s Prognosis solution has been synonymous with comprehensive systems, networks and application monitoring and management. For the NonStop community Prognosis has also been recognized as providing comprehensive management and monitoring that has greatly contributed to ensuring products developed in support of NonStop remain as robust and reliable as the NonStop system itself.

More recently, IR’s Prognosis solution has been enhanced to support mission critical applications in their support of financial institutions. Today, “Prognosis is a unique hybrid-cloud platform that brings together reliability, agility, and innovation to solve the complexities of managing critical technologies that keep you in business.”

Hybrid, in the sense that Prognosis can run in multiple diverse environments including on-prem, out at the edge and from within public and private clouds. In so doing, Prognosis has augmented it’s support of NonStop with solutions designed for the industry at large such that IT is well served by Prognosis solutions – Collaborate, Transact and Infrastructure.

When it comes to Transact, the Prognosis Hybrid Cloud Platform has stepped up to enhance its ability to provide greater insights at a time when the payments industry is evolving. Whether it is to face increasing pressure from fintechs, the arrival of crypto and digital currencies or the increased regulatory oversight of where and how data is managed, Transact is “bringing real-time visibility of managing modern payment ecosystems.”

IR Aug 21 - 2

From –

HPE continues to draw attention to the Age of Insight where the focus is on deriving value from the data businesses of every type create and then store. This “transitioning away from collecting data to derive value will be key to future of business and technology,” said HPE CEO Antonio Neri during the recent HPE Discover 2021 event.

For IR this aligns with their focus on providing insight and the Prognosis Hybrid Cloud Platform is IR’s key to unlocking the value financial institutions already have at their fingertips but for the most part, continue to be created and stored but has proven difficult to turn into meaningful actionable insight.

This is all about to change for financial institutions as the Prognosis solution Transact has extended its partnership with ACI Worldwide such that together, ACI Worldwide and IR “enrich omni-channel payment analytics capabilities that are part of the ACI Omni-Commerce solution.” The most obvious outcome from this partnership is that merchants supported by ACI Worldwide will be able to reach deep into the data that they create to add new sources of income. They will quickly realize that there are now new ways to generate revenues from on-selling trends and patterns that otherwise would go undetected.

According to the July 28, 2021 press release, “IR Transact enables merchants to access and analyze large sets of transaction data in real time.” In the press release, Kevin Ryder, Chief Product Officer, IR said:

“The continuing shift toward omni-commerce, which will become the new norm for retailers globally, means that it is more important than ever to turn transaction data into intelligent insights.

“IR Transact was the first product on our hybrid cloud platform and we’re excited that ACI has chosen our new capabilities; retailers will simplify the complexity of their transaction data, benefit from benchmarking performance against their industry, identifying patterns and helping to leverage data in more meaningful ways.”

Insights from data depend on analytics and to direct analytics at data created and stored in order to derive actionable insights benefits greatly from cloud services offerings. The evolution of Prognosis to the Prognosis Hybrid Cloud Platform in support of multiple solutions is a meaningful way to leverage clouds in a way that brings value to real time transaction processing.

The focus of IR will always be on delivering premium solutions for monitoring and managing customers mission critical solutions and for the NonStop community this focus ensures that Prognosis has the community with the critical mass needed today to better address future business needs – including those of the NonStop community.

Just as Prognosis has been synonymous with NonStop it has become just as synonymous with ACI Worldwide and news of the extension of the partnership – one that more comprehensively leverages the Prognosis Hybrid Cloud Platform – means that all enterprises served by IR will benefit from all three Prognosis solutions, Collaborate, Transact and Infrastructure.

If as yet you have missed reading this July 28, 2021 press release from IR you can find it on their web site by accessing this hyperlink:

And should you have any questions or would like to learn more about   Prognosis and the Transact solution as it is now supporting ACI Worldwide and the ACI Omni-Commerce solution,  please don’t hesitate to reach out to your IR sales team. We look forward to addressing any topic that may be of interest to you and your enterprise.

Kevin Johnson,
VP Sales – Payments Performance Monitoring