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IR: Giving the NonStop community the analytics they need for growth



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When it comes to IT, maintaining flexibility is the game; having options to choose from, ideal. When you are interacting with end-users, you have customers who are looking to you for ease of use even as you are looking to grow your user community to include as many customers as possible. Competition for each user remains tight and as a business you are expected to have visibility into the preferences of the community you address. Flexibility within this context extends not just to the type of device where transactions are performed but to the variety of services supported. Choosing solutions from among a variety of vendors benefitted NonStop customers as it did their end users.

The HPE NonStop community has been at the center of real time mission critical transaction processing for a very long time. We were recently reminded of how it was New York’s Citibank that took delivery of the very first Tandem Computer to be produced. Ever since, NonStop customers have pursued many business opportunities that the presence of NonStop afforded them but when it comes to oversight, for just as long time reliance was placed on a multiplicity of tools and utilities. Having a lot of options in this regard turned out to be not altogether satisfying. Adapting and then interfacing disparate products was both time consuming as it was prone to errors. Rather than staring into an abyss, IR has been providing an integrated solution for monitoring and managing NonStop systems that has helped the NonStop community avoid such a situation.

Fast forward to today and to the times we live in where almost every aspect of our lives has proved challenging. Even as the signs all point to our passage out of the global pandemic, the need to focus on our customers remains paramount. In the world of real time mission critical transaction processing this means having access to analytical tools that keep us informed of changing customer behavior. This is the theme of the latest post by Jason Krebs of IR, Using transaction analytics to grow your business. The way Krebs views transaction processing, “Business growth is tightly coupled with acquiring, increasing, and looking after as many customers as possible. To this end, data and insights from transaction analytics has become critical to customer acquisition.”

Where IR shines is that within one product, the oversight of the NonStop hardware, the OS and middleware as well as the chosen vendor’s application are all covered by solutions powered by the Prognosis platform. With full knowledge of each layer contributing to the successful completion of a transaction positions IR as the leader within the NonStop monitoring and management marketplace. When it comes to providing support for a payments solution on NonStop, IR not only monitors and managers the complete stack hardware to device presentation but is equipped to analyze the transactions performed, deploy analytics processes on the data produced and to give the business managers the insights they need to ensure the customers engagement meets their expectations.

“Collecting data is one thing, but turning this information into actionable insights and solutions is critical. Proper data analysis reveals how your customers are behaving, how your products and services are performing, and how you can surpass your customers’ expectations,” said Krebs. “In today’s digitally driven economy, harnessing the power of data-driven insights to optimize pricing, streamline operations and improve customer service, is an essential vehicle to achieving business growth.”

What Krebs highlights in his post to the IR blog is the importance of having access to all the data – systems and application – to better adjust to customer’s needs and interests allowing change to occur even at the time of such interactions. It’s simply too easy to ignore what is really happening across your customer base and lacking the flexibility to adjust and to provide the breadth of choices customers expect will endanger business competiveness. All too often IT professionals focus on just the availability of the application when it would behoove them to consider what the application is actually providing.

“As a new business for example, trying to grow in a fluctuating marketplace without sufficient data is a formidable process. While strategies and systems may seem to work on paper, business needs shift, so it’s essential to track and monitor areas for improvement,” said Krebs. “This is where data analytics can reveal what is effective, what needs improvement, and what needs to be abandoned.” This applies to all businesses but for financial institutions this is of uttermost importance and benefits the most from monitoring and management solutions that see it all!

The topic of analytics and even artificial intelligence are becoming topical among NonStop users. As HPE continues to pursue its commitment to support Everything-as-a-Service (XaaS), where the cloud experience and virtualization dominate the conversation, it is important to realize that the models supporting analytics will gain in popularity even as their capabilities are being extended. The presence of analytics supported by the Prognosis platform brings with it advantages for all NonStop users and will only become more instrumental in the way applications adjust to changing markets. “Business growth is all about understanding your target market, business strengths and weaknesses, and competition. Transaction analytics gives you vital information you need to optimize your business.”

If as yet you have not read this latest post to the IR blog then simply follow the hyperlink above. Should you have any difficulties accessing the site, please cut and paste this url into your browser –

And should you have any questions or would like to learn more, please don’t hesitate to reach out to your IR sales team. We look forward to addressing any topic that may be of interest to you and your enterprise.

Kevin Johnson,
VP Sales – Payments Performance Monitoring