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IR: Supporting NonStop community with a cloud experience providing critical business insights



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From the outset, IR was all about meeting the operational management and application monitoring needs of NonStop customer. Through the years, IR has produced a number of industry firsts – who can forget seeing Prognosis on color terminals in Nice, France, when IR took off the wraps of it for the first time. It was during the 1992 ITUG European event and the IR team hasn’t looked back since.

Prognosis today owes its resilience and deep functionality to the ongoing dialogue that exists between IR and its NonStop customers. However, as HPE provides more information about its goal to become a world leading edge to cloud platform as a service (PaaS) company, it is hard to ignore the impact that this is having on all HPE customers. Not the least being the NonStop community, but even here the first signs of change have appeared already.

When the HPE GreenLake team unveiled their critical industry applications platform offerings at HPE Discover 2021, under the heading of Financial Payments, the GreenLake team highlighted a new relationship with Lusis Payments that included HPE NonStop systems – the first time GreenLake had referenced either NonStop or a major NonStop solutions provider. In so doing, HPE also made it clear that, with Lusis and NonStop, the GreenLake team had a complete payments’ solution to offer that was based on a pay-per-transaction “subscription” model.

The most important message however is one that IR fully appreciates; the cloud experience has become the dominant talking point among all enterprise users as have new ways to pay for mission critical applications. Being close to our NonStop customers has highlighted the need for IR to address both talking points and in so doing, IR has been investing in cloud services and its own subscription models. “Whether our NonStop customers find the GreenLake platform attractive in meeting their IT goals, “said IR Product Manager, Jamie Pearson, “there is no denying that changes in the way we view deployments of middleware, tools and even solutions is highlighting just how important cloud services are today.”

IR is very much focused on providing meaningful analytics. When Prognosis was unveiled utilizing color screens back in 1992, it was all about supporting displays of current operation status in real time. Simple command line entries were the main source of interaction with all NonStop subsystems and applications. Recognizing that something was amiss still required skilled personnel, but today finding out that something is amiss simply from an error message no longer satisfies the demands of the operations staff.

The more important aspect of monitoring today is in detecting patterns, analyze emerging trends and to become prescriptive – initiating actions automatically based on models continuously evolving with the data being provided. These are now important aspects of monitoring that all enterprises demand and with Prognosis, IR has taken the step to support Prognosis from within a public cloud – AWS being the first cloud services vendor supported by IR.

“When it comes to tapping the resources needed to perform analytics,” said Pearson, “the elasticity of clouds lends itself to supporting the vast amounts of data that analytic models need. And Prognosis is now positioned to help not just NonStop but all those providing financial payments solutions.” Electing to pursue analytics the way IR is now doing and to leverage the flexibility that cloud service providers offer, gives us the perspective to see in GreenLake that HPE has drawn similar conclusions. Deploy Prognosis any way you want that best meets your needs but know that there is a cloud offering at hand should that prove advantageous to your enterprise.

When it comes to providing critical business insights, “rest assured Prognosis has all the bases covered – from NonStop to Payments, our commitment to supporting the NonStop community holds firm.” Should your needs be detailed analytics, proactive troubleshooting or simply more automated operations, then visit our web site and look for Prognosis support of Infrastructure.  And should you have any questions or would like to learn more about our support of cloud experiences, subscriptions based offerings or need more information about Prognosis support for the latest NonStop systems, please don’t hesitate to reach out to your IR sales team. We look forward to addressing any topic that may be of interest to you and your enterprise.

Kevin Johnson,
VP Sales – Payments Performance Monitoring