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Is all hope lost?

Not if you secure your data!



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The saying “everything online is hackable” is easy to believe, especially when you read and hear statistics about the rate of data being lost, stolen, or exposed every day. Something to the tune of 59 records a second, and around 10 billion records since 2013!  It’s just a matter of time until the news or some other publication reports about another company that experienced a data breach.

Is all hope lost?  Should people just throw their hands up in the air (and wave them like they just don’t care) and succumb to the fact that hackers or bad actors are going to get the data anyway? Why should we do or invest in anything?

Reality says otherwise.  Pretty sure that all of us work for a company who have security guidelines, compliance requirements, or industry regulations that need to be followed and enforced. Companies haveto protect sensitive data and, besides, it’s the right thing to do – for your customers, employees, and for the company.

It may be hard to believe but most compliance requirements arehere to help, rather than hinder.  Numerous standards and regulations have emerged which actually describe howdata should be protected.  A common component of these regulations is that they prescribe a layered approach to data security, with data protection at its core.

Security professionals talk about a defense strategy where the attacker must get through many layers before they can get inside an organization or to the targeted data. Data protection at the core of the defense strategy is critical because it is the last line of defense. Sensitive data must still be protected inside the organization and the most effective protection is tokenization and encryption!

Here’s a quick primer which discusses the latest data security threats as well as the latest data security standards and regulations such as GDPR, PCI DSS, HIPAA and NIST 800-53. Click the button below to find out how to protect your organization and comply with data security requirements:

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In case you need a refresher about Tokenization and Encryption, here are quick explanations:

Checkout our website to find out more about Data Protection for your HPE NonStop system and for your Enterprise as well!