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Is it time to get some fresh eyes on your NonStop estate?

TCM NonStop HealthCheck



Fresh eyes (LIP)

Afraid you can’t see the wood for the trees, or just need a different perspective? The benefits of having some fresh eyes on your systems and practices can be invaluable in identifying blind spots, weaknesses and risks.

A different perspective however is only valid if the viewer has the proven expertise to deliver true insight and the professionalism to provide this with the necessary discretion.

But where can you find such a solution?

The answer:

NS Healthcheck

TCM’s NonStop HealthCheck (NSHC) service provides NonStop users with a powerful tool to maintain and improve their NonStop environment, whilst also reducing risk. Our HealthCheck service is a fully customisable audit / review, covering the widest extent of NonStop practice including, but not limited to: Systems Management, Hardware, Performance, Documentation and Succession Planning.

The NSHC report provides a detailed roadmap for clients; clearly defining where improvements/alternative practices are needed and where good practice should be maintained and ingrained. All report recommendations are designed to be implementable by the client. The ultimate aim of the NSHC is to provide clients with confidence in the management and stability of their NonStop estate.

Of course, TCM can also assist with the implementation of any recommendations if required.