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IT Security Made in Germany on HPE NonStop – a Win-Win!!



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The seal “Made in Germany” was created on August 23rd 1887. On this day, Britain introduced the label by the Merchandise Marks Act, and it was meant to be a warning: “Please note: This product is inexpensive, but it is from Germany, and that means it is of inferior quality.”

The idea was to label a product’s country of origin to protect British manufacturers. It misfired completely though. Towards the end of the 19th century, German manufacturing improved dramatically in terms of quality. Consumers took note and started to associate the label with superior quality. “Made in Germany” changed from a warning to a label representing quality.

Even today, about 130 years later, this holds true. “Made in Germany” & “German Engineering” have a global reputation that is clearly recognised and revered.

Those “serious” Germans aren’t serious all the time, but they certainly are serious about quality.

Therefore, it probably does not come as a surprise that there is a globally recognised quality seal “IT Security made in Germany.”

The official body behind the quality seal is the IT Security Association Germany (TeleTrusT). TeleTrusT is a global competence network for IT security comprised of industry leaders, administrators, consultants and researchers as well as national and international partner organisations with similar objectives. The association embodies the largest competence network for IT security in Germany and Europe with a broad range of members and partner organisations.

IT Security made in Germany stands for a specific set of criteria that organisations need to fulfil if they want to apply for the right to hold the seal. Apart from apparent criteria like headquarters and R&D having to be in Germany, there is one criterion that directly requires a commitment to refrain from non-declared backdoors in their technology. This is an important point, which we fully embrace.

We are happy to announce that comforte AG has been officially granted the right to hold the quality seal “IT Security made in Germany.”

comforte - july 19

For us at comforte, it is not only a seal of quality, but it also represents our commitment to our customers and the market.

It means that we at comforte are committed to delivering world-class data security solutions with no backdoor access. Our company, along with our research and development team, is based in Germany and we are dedicated to compliance with data security laws from Germany, the EU, and every region in which we do business.

Suffice to say, the combination of comforte’s high-quality security solutions and the HPE NonStop platform provides the best imaginable proposition to secure your mission-critical business. It forms an essential building block for your enterprise data-centric security strategy.

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