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It’s coming home, it’s coming home, it’s coming, Boot-Camp’s coming home!

Well, it's coming to OUR home.




Yes indeed, the recently re-branded European Technical Boot Camp is making it’s way to Edinburgh, the capital city of Scotland. Those of you who have attended recent European and USA-based based boot camps may well have spotted a certain link between TCM and Bonnie Scotland, perhaps spotting a clue in the copious amounts of whisky we cart around all over the world. TCM is a proud Scottish company and we do enjoy sharing a little Scottish hospitality wherever we go.

If we are being absolutely accurate, TCM is a Scottish-based company, however, our reach is global, as is our Customer base. With the wave of improvements in networking and security over the recent years, and with the general shift in attitudes to reflect more modern, flexible working arrangements, TCM has grown exponentially. Our growth has been fuelled by an increasing demand for quality NonStop services, coupled with a service delivery mechanism that ensures a seamless link between TCM and our Customers. Thanks to our Glenrothes-based Centre of Excellence, TCM can provide a full suite of NonStop services to customers in every corner of the world.

tcm may 19 - 4

And as Glenrothes is only a hop and a skip to Auld Reekie (a rather unfortunate nickname for Edinburgh, though it has also been refereed to as the Athens of the North which is far nicer!) TCM will be attending ETBC in force, as a Platinum sponsor. We will also be hosting a pre-conference Golf Day at Gullane Golf Course on Monday the 13th, and again are delighted to be sharing this little bit of Scottish culture.

tcm may 19 - 1

Edinburgh itself is a wonderful representative of Scotland. Being the capital this is something of a non-statement, but few capital cities represent an entire country so well. It is a small city, yet powerful, and some would say perfectly formed. It has a history of punching above it’s weight, and a history of extreme achievement and extreme horror, with some instances where both were mutually inclusive. Edinburgh manages to beautifully balance built-up urbanised spaces, with aggressively untameable countryside and greenery – there is for example a dormant (we hope) volcano unassumingly wedged between bustling streets and residential neighbourhoods. It’s also a city of two very distinct halves, with the ordered streets of New Town butting up to the sprawling lattice of bridges and tunnels which form the Old Town.

And it all works. The order meets chaos and the two interact without complaint or combustion. One could draw metaphors with that of NonStop, where the order and stability of the systems meet the relative chaos of life and IT in general, but again, there are no complaints, there is no combustion.

Of course this operational nirvana is not achieved without effort. It is in fact the culmination of the efforts of a number of parties: HPE, NonStop Users and the many Vendors providing products, tools and services attuned to get the very best out of the platform. ETBC and events of this ilk gives us a snapshot of the wonderful NonStop community in action. Working together to continue the development of NonStop.

We are keenly looking forward to seeing Edinburgh host this special event, and hope too that it is a fitting location.

If you are looking to discuss anything around NonStop services and how TCM can assist, please stop by our booth. If you are merely looking to stop by for a chat and a swig of Scotland’s finest export, well that’s just fine.

See you all soon!

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