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It’s Migration Season!




It certainly feels that way. As Bonnie Scotland quietly rolls into the New Year, the now thoroughly overused (yet here we are using it again) expression ‘Winter is Coming’ is indeed apt. Clear blue skies and calm waters belie the horrors that await once the weather truly does turn for the worst. The UK as a whole is poised bracing itself for a return of the big, bad, Beast from the East, as the rest of the world is poised with anticipation, watching on to witness us try and fail to cope with half a centimetre of snow!

Yet, as we cast our glance skywards, we see the graceful (if somewhat smug) flight of migrating birds, gently making their way to warmer shores. If only life were as simple … well, with NonStop it can be.

With the juggernaut-like success of the NonStop X range, we are seeing migrations to this new x86-powered platform really take off. In NonStop terms it really is Migration Season! And for good reason, the old concerns voiced by infrastructure executives – that NonStop was perceived to be a non-standard platform – have been entirely dispelled since the highly successful launch of the NSX server. This move has given organisations the opportunity to revisit their long term strategic direction and has ousted any notion that NonStop was set for the long winter!


Looking to Migrate?

If your organisation finds themselves looking longingly at those bound for the warm embrace of the NSX, why not join the migratory flock? With TCM, the NonStop ‘X’perts, migrating couldn’t be simpler. TCM can help and organisation to achieve their migration on time and on budget, and now even offers a complete turn-key X-upgrade solution, where the client simply pays a quarterly service cost – no high initial outlay for hardware or software, no cost variables, just a fixed quarterly charge that includes the supply, licensing and support of Hardware and Software, as well as associated Systems Management.

TCM are assisting organisations from around the world migrate their systems and application. We understand that every Customer is different and so too is their migration. We will work with you to plan and design a seamless transition to the lastest NonStop server. Working with your business and technical teams to ensure complete control and stability through the migration project.

If you would like to learn more about what TCM can do to smooth the way for your business to adopt NonStop X, please do get in touch with the NonStop ‘X’perts today. We’d be pleased to partner with you on your business evolution.

For more information on the broad range of NonStop services, please give us a call or email. We’re here to help.

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