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January Editorial

Margo Holen


Taking a look at the diverse mix of submissions from the NonStop vendor community I was struck by the multiple references to words like “cool,” “innovative,” “strong performer,” “most advanced” and even “hot!” And these weren’t simply words that the vendors themselves were using, but rather, were words bestowed upon them by prestigious organizations like Gartner, IDC, Aragon Research, Forrester, and NetworkWorld. It has been a long time since I last recall reading such glowing endorsements for those vendors who today continue to invest in NonStop systems.

In each case, the endorsement has been lavished on products running on open systems and yet, when you dig a little deeper, it is fundamentally the same product that we all know runs and supports NonStop systems and whether it’s in support of monitoring and management, security, analytics, etc. it’s encouraging to see nevertheless just how well these vendors are performing today. None of us should ever feel awkward about justifying our use of NonStop to our customers, prospects or peers – indeed, just point to a couple of the articles in this magazine and watch their eyes open wide!

I take it as very good news that as many NonStop vendors as there are today are branching out to support platforms adjacent to NonStop. In particular, platforms like Linux and the more we come to understand the HPE NonStop product roadmaps we can see how large a role hybrid NonStop and Linux systems will play in the future. We have known for many years that the NonStop CLIM controllers were just “special cases” of packaged Linux servers, so seeing the NonStop vendor community investing more in supporting Linux right alongside of NonStop isn’t all that surprising.

However, seeing the awards being won by these vendors should be a source of pride for all us – yes, it’s encouraging and yes its highly visible but if it means these NonStop vendors have revenues sources apart from NoNStop that keep them healthy and able to continue with their investments in NonStop that is an extremely healthy sign for the larger NonStop community. No stakeholder should be oblivious to the real need of all our NonStop vendors to remain profitable – a rich choice or product offerings speaks volumes about the longer term viability of NonStop!

It isn’t an issue just about awards, however. “Events season” will soon be upon us, with the SunTUG event in March probably the first event to draw a sizeable crowd. Look for even more information on SunTUG in the next issue. When it comes to the upcoming eBITUG to be held this year in London, make sure you check it out and take advantage of the early bird registration offering – I will be there and am looking forward to catching up with many of you.

Also, a major scoop for NonStop Insider – Bill and Randall have put together a 2 part series on the modernization of ITUGLib. It is very enlightening and every developer should be aware of its existence.

We continue to lobby the community for submissions – material isn’t limited to that coming from vendors or user groups as we welcome all material coming to us directly from the user community as well. All submissions should be sent directly to me, your managing editor, and if you have questions or issues that you would like addressed in this publication let me know as well. My contact email address is

I hope you like your NonStop Insider and will be back for more!