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Join us at TBC 2020!

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Insider Technologies is proud to be a Platinum Sponsor at the NonStop Technical Boot Camp 2020.

Whilst we will miss the opportunity of meeting up with partners, peers and clients in Burlingame this year, we are really excited about the virtual nature of this year’s event, through which we hope to meet many new people who perhaps haven’t had the privilege of attending the annual conference. If you haven’t been to TBC, it’s absolutely our most anticipated event in the NonStop calendar.

As a Platinum sponsor, we will be running multiple demonstrations across our NonStop product portfolio.

In a world that is moving away from rigid timetables on single platforms into anytime flexible scheduling of complex business processes across multiple applications and platforms, Dave Hall will present a look at the modernised MultiBatch – mission critical workload automation for NonStop. Karl Todd will take a deep dive in to one of the more overlooked facilities within Reflex, it’s end to end service monitoring functionality that gives busy IT Managers the rarest of mental states: peace of mind. And Mark Thomasson looks at the unprecedented rise in payments and shows how RTLX is helping payment processors to increase customer satisfaction while providing compliance to local regulatory bodies.

Here’s a short summary of our presentations, presenters and where to catch them. We can’t wait to see you there!

insider tech oct 18 -1

New MultiBatch User Interface – David Hall, Product Owner @ Vendor Theatre

Insider Technologies uses LegaSuite from Rocket to leverage existing MultiBatch screens to deliver a modern HTML5 browser interface.

In a fraction of the time it would take to build a new interface from scratch, we can provide a vastly improved user experience with the possibility of using external APIs and JavaScript libraries.

We show you how we modernised and enhanced the MultiBatch 6530 SCOBOL interface using LegaSuite Workbench, providing an overview of the process and concepts and demonstrating the new interface.   

insider technologies oct 2020 - 1

Reflex End to End Service Monitoring – Karl Todd, Product Owner @ Virtual Booth

Reflex can monitor a bespoke service view of your business consisting of disparate components which, when used in tandem, form your critical functionality. This provides a complete picture of your service monitoring components such as your applications, queues, transactions, databases, including the associated NonStop infrastructure.

Other benefits include:

insider tech oct 2020 - 2

Real Time Transaction Monitoring – Mark Thomasson, Product Manager @ Virtual Booth

RTLX is the real-time monitoring, querying and dashboard solution for your payments estate, including BASE24 ATM/POS and NCR Authentic applications.

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, there is now an increasing demand for card transactions. We will show you how this contributed to the value of storing transactions in real-time and being able to query any issues for transactions that have just taken place, or for transactions that have taken place over the last 15 years. This real-time and legacy transactional information is always available via RTLX and can be made available to other areas of your business.