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Just do your job! Not simply a football mantra but an exhortation to perform due diligence.

What could be more straightforward for the NonStop community?



NTI in attendance E-GTUG in Berlin

When it comes to business and to business insight, there has never been a substitute for simply doing the right thing. This has manifested itself in many ways. What is doing the right thing in business? When do we know we are headed in the right direction? When do we really know that we are minimizing the risks involved.

Insightful business management asses all as they weigh the benefits versus risk. It is just what is demanded from them as no matter the size of the business, there is always someone who has to understand the reason behind every decision. In former times, such an understanding may have been reached on a golf course or over a fine meal, but today, particularly when it comes to IT, much more is expected from vendors than just the trappings of conventional handouts and flyers.

Marketing can serve a purpose but when it comes down to actual deliverables, real requirements need of real solutions from vendors with real world experience. This is no better exemplified than when it comes to the NonStop community looking for critical components making up their infrastructure and no stronger argument can be made when it comes to real world experience than when the topic if replication.

Of late, one key phrase continues to circulate among NonStop customers, the predisposition to label individual products as “strategic.” Unfortunately, this has lessened the significance of strategic to where it’s use is mostly left to marketing. Without any real substantiation apart from what appears on slideware and in handouts, for every NonStop vendor it can be said that their solution is strategic. With so many strategic offerings it all comes back to risk mitigation. May the best product win!

At NTI we have champion the cause of the NonStop customers. It is they who are executing to a strategy derived from a vision espoused by the enterprise. It is the NonStop vendors who then adjust the product roadmaps to better align with the needs of the NonStop customers they serve. Perhaps the most important consideration for NonStop customers is to always perform due diligence on any product or solution under consideration.

Discussion flowing freely as follow-up begins

“A common understanding within the investment community is diversify risk,” said Tim Dunne, NTI’s Global Director Worldwide Sales. “The same is true across the NonStop third-party vendor space.  A ‘buy what we have for convenience’ sales approach versus ‘seek the best for our requirements’ strategy as we see happening today simply incurs too much risk for the enterprise.”

It may have been the mantra of perhaps the most winningest NFL coach, Bill Belichick, who told his team, just “do your job!” Amplified and then applied to IT and to the NonStop community at large this simply means being prepared, working hard, paying attention, and putting the company’s needs first. It also can be said that following through on commitments is a vital element of just doing our job.

NTI with their DRNet®/Unified product portfolio has enjoyed recent wins because the NonStop customer performed due diligence. What separates DRNet®/Unified from the competition is that in addition to being the premier data replication offering bringing to bear change data capture (CDC) methodologies requiring no additional products to be present – DRNet®/Unified does it all – migrations become a much simpler undertaking.

Nowhere is this more factual than when it comes to migration from Oracle GoldenGate to DRNet®/Unified. With the release of a special packaging of DRNet® as DRNet®/Unified for GoldenGate Conversion, expertise reinforced with the most recent migrations makes taking the step to move to DRNet®/Unified a much easier decision to make. NTI has the expertise at hand and in light of recent successes has increased its staffing level to better accommodate addressing the needs of NonStop customers.

Berlin provided ample opportunity to relax at popular venues

“NTI encourages thorough due diligence when considering alternative data replication solutions and, in the process, try to ignore the ‘fog of misinformation’ that has become prevalent of late while asking the tough, comparative questions that need to be asked,” said Tim Dunne. “Although the technical capabilities of the three primary solution providers are eerily similar, the value propositions are vastly different and NonStop customers should consider all available choices to determine what is best for their specific needs. Of paramount importance is having a direct line of sight with the chosen vendor, without layers of intervention adding little to situation resolution, together with the comprehensive nature of the product. License and support costs cannot be overlooked either as can be the access to real world experts current in their knowledge of NonStop.”

Coming off a successful program of support for the NonStop community events and conferences in 2023, NTI is continuing with its commitment to the NonStop customers. Having already played a prominent sponsorship role at OzTUG in March, a similarly high level of sponsorship followed for the recent pan-European GTUG event. And there are many more events to follow where you will see the level of support from NTI being manifested. This can be said that NTI itself is doing is pursuing its own due diligence as it closely monitors evolving NonStop customer requirements.

In addition to providing DRNet®/Unified for GoldenGate Conversion we are seeing a marked uptick in interest in the DRNet®/Open components now an integral part of DRNet®/Unified for HPE Customers. First introduced in 2022, this first packaging of DRNet® to include all additional features with no additional costs for existing NonStop customers of DRNet®, having he ability to leverage replication to distribute to third party databases is holding considerable attraction for NonStop customers as they address the reality of Hybrid IT.

Whether your business needs to extend its support of external databases or is simply focused on migrations, then you will have ample time to discuss your needs with the NTI team present at NonStop community events, wherever they are held. Your strategic direction is of real importance to us and the flexibility NTI has exhibited over the past two years to package DRNet® to better meet changing market requirements is further tangible evidence that Continuous Adaptation has become not just a mantra but a business reality.

Bill Belichick may have made the phrase “just do your job” famous but in the world of IT, particularly when it comes to embracing Hybrid IT, there is no acceptable alternative to simply doing your job and pursuing due diligence. Should you miss out on opportunities to attend upcoming NonStop community events or simply miss hearing our presentation or stopping by our booth or table when they are being held, and you would like to know more about the DRNet®/Unified product portfolio, simply call the number below or email us at any time at:

Network Technologies International, Inc.
635 Park Meadow Road, Suite 209
Westerville, Ohio 43081-2877

Phone: +1 (614) 794-6000

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