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Imagine our reaction when our attention was drawn to the following remarks in a popular trade magazine:

“You see, I worry that the competitive landscape, while madly futuring, might actively disrupt this segment with white space.”

If you can follow this line of reasoning, please let us know. Fortunately it was a somewhat tongue-in-cheek response to the growing acceptance of language that essentially tells us nothing. And maybe this was the point. The target of this remark was a senior executive holding center stage during a press interview. “I wish executives could look beyond the equivalent of a Readers’ Digest ‘Increase your Word Power’ quiz to express themselves.”

What led our attention to this quote has been the uptick in activity among the NonStop vendor community on social media. Whether you follow one vendor or another on Twitter or you have joined a group on LinkedIn or perhaps are simply checking the Tandem Computers group on Facebook, there has been more activity of late than at any time in the past. Perhaps it’s the global pandemic that has many marketing types sitting at their desks in their home offices with plenty of time on their hands. Or maybe it’s just that there is a renewed sense of purpose among the NonStop vendor community given how HPE’s investment in NonStop is beginning to bear fruit.

NTI is not immune to providing blog posts and social media commentaries. For many years now, NTI has been active on media channels, including virtual as well as traditional outlets that serve the NonStop community. However, NTI has a story that is often overlooked, but is one that can be expressed quite simply, no hyperbole or grandiose prose needed. When it comes to data replication, NTI was the first NonStop vendor to market even as it pioneered the use of Change Data Capture methodologies that supported TMF and non-TMF protected database and files to be replicated. One product, one technology giving us one all-inclusive solution!

Just as importantly, it is also easy to point to the engineering and support team that even in today’s expanding market can be easily reached whether in response to a technical need or simply to help out with doing something new. It is its people, its products and yes, its persistence that have ensured that some of the biggest NonStop users on the planet rely on NTI and the DRNet® product suite.

But what does being first really mean? For the NonStop community, what is significant about being a pioneer? It’s very easy for our industry to champion slogans like “We are the best” or “We are the biggest” or even “We are the oldest”, but there can only ever be one first. NTI through its pioneering efforts was first in the marketplace with data replication. The significance is that NTI possesses more experience than any other NonStop vendor even as it attracts some of the best solution vendors. If you missed the recent communications on social media you may have missed how rapidly NTI is growing its ecosystem of partners.

“Clarity of message is just so important these days,” said Tim Dunne, NTI’s Global Director Worldwide Sales. “With as much background noise that we all are subject to it is good to know that NTI maintains a global presence across the NonStop community that continues to grow. Perhaps what is most important of all is the dialogues with NonStop customers we have where the merits of DRNet® keep attracting new adherents.”

In his February 25, 2021, article posted to LinkedIn, State of the month goes to T… Craig Lawrance makes the observation of how leadership leads to experience which in turn leads to customers relying on NTI:

“We may consider a total data loss to be extremely unlikely, or a total system service loss to be almost impossible, but the sad fact remains that virtually anything could happen to cause our services to suffer.

“It is for this reason alone that Network Technologies (NTI) has worked with a large variety of customers across Finance, Telco, and other industries to help them mitigate the potential outages that could occur. NTI customers enjoy some of the highest availability in the industry thanks largely to the services and skills of NTI staff. NTI plays a key role in making the systems and data lakes of the world’s leading companies available for all its customers to enjoy.”

Likewise, it was in the February 24, 2021, article posted to the NTI blog, NTI continues to grow ecosystem of partners to better serve NonStop community where you will read more about NTI’s application of data replication to addressing other requirements of data:

For NTI this has contributed significantly to its move to expand its ecosystem of partners. NTI was the first third-party vendor to deliver a data replication solution, pioneering the more efficient Change Data Capture (CDC) methodology and one where support of non-TMF protected files was provided whereby eliminating the need for additional products. Leveraging data replication to include support of data integration, distribution and transformation – news that was first announced at the NonStop Technical Boot Camp back in 2019 further separating DRNet® from its competitors.

Simple language? Ever since unveiling its key message, PROVisioning: Excellence in Data, NonStop customers have begun to better understand just how easy it is to turn to DRNet® for all their data movement needs. One product, one technology giving us one all-inclusive solution! We cannot write anything better than that; no ambiguity about the company’s message, either.  Should you have any questions or would like to find out more about the DRNet® product suite, then simply call the number below or email us at any time at

Network Technologies International, Inc.

635 Park Meadow Road, Suite 209

Westerville, Ohio 43081-2877

Phone: +1 (614) 794-6000

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