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Lusis Payments at HPE TBC 2022 – Familiar Faces

Lusis Payments


It was great to be back in person at the TBC and being able to see fellow vendors and customer/prospects which almost made it feel like 2019 again!  I say almost just because due to travel restrictions that some companies/countries still have in place, this limited the actual number of attendees but of those that did make it to the boot camp it was great seeing everyone again.

The clients that attended wanted to know their partner’s directions and commitment to the NonStop whether that be taking advantage of HPE Greenlake or in some other capacity.  At Lusis we were honored to be able to share our efforts working with HPE on a number of fronts as we continue to get the message out about our TANGO solution offering.

As we head into the holidays it’s always a great time to take a look back at what’s transpired over the last year.  Given the turbulent times with our changing economy and the ongoing war in Eastern Europe, it’s refreshing to see that our customers and new prospects are planning to continue their projects while leveraging Lusis and the TANGO solution to help them reduce their cost and modernize their legacy applications.

As a final thought, what really stood out to me at this latest boot camp was the partnerships that are taking place between vendors and HPE.  As the saying goes, there is strength in numbers and I think this is a reflection of those growing partnerships, while at the same time retaining what makes each company special in what they focus on.

Have a great holiday and from everyone here at Lusis Payments we look forward to seeing you again in Denver at the next TBC in 2023!

Thank you

Ki Roth
Business Development
Lusis Payments