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Lusis Payments Named as Europe’s 2019 Best Electronic Payment Systems Solutions

Lusis Payments


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SAN FRANCISCO & PARIS– Lusis Payments, a global innovator of mission-critical payments software, is proud to announce that it has been given the award as Europe’s 2019 Best Electronic Payment Systems Solutions by Capital Finance International –

“The company has bold strategies in place for global market dominance – but always with a client-centric focus and competitive pricing. The finance and payment industry have become an increasingly crowded field, but Lusis rises to distinction for its technological prowess and dedicated research. The company views artificial intelligence as key to future competitiveness, and its high-performance solutions can be sourced to its AI and data science department,” said Danny Castrickx, Awards Officer.  “The company tailors’ solutions to suit customers’ needs when establishing or updating payment systems and delivers swift and tangible results. “

Central to the Lusis solution is TANGO, an online transaction processing engine for mission-critical 24×7 solutions including payments, retail, loyalty, finance, utilities, and transport. TANGO delivers performance, availability, and scalability, with a rich set of functionalities, all from a single application, a single code set and a single architecture. This flexibility and organisational dexterity make TANGO ideal for the next generation of retail payment systems.  TANGO is built on a highly performing micro-service architecture providing agile delivery for business needs.

About Lusis Payments
Lusis Payments is an innovative global software and services provider to the payments industry. The company’s proven, cutting edge technology operates in numerous hardware and operating environments. The TANGO platform, combined with the know-how to mitigate risk and deliver high levels of assured customer service, constitutes a unique proposition for organisations faced with the challenge of adapting to traditional and future needs in the payments ecosystem.

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