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Managing the Enterprise

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No, not ‘Managing the Starship Enterprise’ for you Trekkie fans out there; that’s a walk in the park compared to managing and monitoring your enterprise and all of the components that make it so (pardon the pun).

Because, your business and its extremely important enterprise consist of many architectures, systems, platforms, applications, all of them critical to you providing a service to your customers.

These environments include platforms such as HPE NonStop, IBM, Linux, Solaris, all potentially inter-connecting, utilising MQ, TCP/IP, Cloud Services, AWS, Azure, GCP, not to mention, Private and Hybrid Clouds.

Your entire infrastructure is most likely monitored individually, or occasionally via enterprise management solutions but rarely, are they monitored collectively – as a service. However, there is a collective solution for all your monitoring and management needs, because as Peter Drucker once said…

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…and Sentra does this.


The Collective Solution – Sentra

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A simple Sentra hypervisor such as above lies over dashboards, network analysis charts, log files, alerts, query engines, performance metrics and threshold alerting, all related to real-time and historical analytical data.

All of this monitoring is conducted away from your enterprise and completely managed via a uniquely powerful enterprise monitoring solution.

Centralised Management

Sentra is a client-server(s) application for centralised management of multi-vendor systems, networks, applications, systems, cloud, and security, to name just a few.

Centralised monitoring is the key aspect of Sentra, accompanied with escalation, alerting, tracking and reporting facilities. Sentra collectively, in real-time, retrieves data from numerous sources and interprets this data in how it affects the service provision to your business.

This real-time and historical data is available for Sentra’s unique and powerful query engine, where you can drill down into any of the data and retrieve content, e.g., based on suitable access rights, retrieve transaction and payment details with the option to mask any of the account data fields prior to viewing.

Cloud Monitoring

Cloud platforms of course provide their own monitoring facilities but as with the whole of the business enterprise, monitoring multiple platforms and multiple cloud service providers such as AWS, GCP, Azure can be tedious, especially if your administrators are individually, monitoring multiple platforms and services. By utilising Sentra, all your platforms and Cloud services can be monitored from one collective interface.

Security and Intrusion Detection

Security Risk Management and Intrusion Detection is all about providing system and network administrators with a visual representation of any anomalous traffic, occurring within their networks. This kind of monitoring can prove invaluable to a large enterprise.

Sentra’s Intrusion Detection capability achieves this, monitoring networks for traffic that does not comply with a set of pre-defined rules. These packets or activities then set off an alert based on a set of Sentra configured rules. Administrators are now reliably informed on what is happening on their networks.

Intrusion Detection therefore, provides administrators with an improved chance of keeping unwanted guests out while making sure their internal network activity is legitimate.


If you would like further information on how Sentra can provide all your monitoring requirements, then please do not hesitate to contact Insider Technologies Limited:

+44 161 876 6606

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