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Modernization: One Small Step for NonStop-Kind

by Philip Ly



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Contrary to popular myth, modernization doesn’t have to be revolutionary or super technical. Modernization, instead looks at how to improve things to make them practical for the future. This includes reviewing old programs and solutions that have been running on the NonStop for a long time, and then asking questions like:

Users might consider asking the following questions:

In our recent TIC User Forum, we explored three different facets of modernization:

Every one of these approaches is based on its own value proposition. In doing so, it also extends NonStop’s acceptance in the enterprise, as it proves that the platform is not a legacy product or an isolated island.

Modernizing NonStop is a good way to future-proof NonStop. You can do so one step at a time, in an effective and progressive approach.

To get started today, please reach out to us at TIC for a NonStop future proofing evaluation.