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Modernize Data Backup with Tributary Systems’ Storage Director

By Glenn Garrahan, Director HPE Business, Tributary Systems

Tributary Systems


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Tributary Systems, Inc. (TSI) has been in the data backup, restore, archive and DR business for 30 years, continuously from 1990 to the present.  TSI has been an OEM supplier of backup hardware and software solutions to Hewlett Packard Enterprise’s Business Critical Server group for 22 years.  We have also been an IBM partner for 11 years.

Impressively, TSI has served over 3500 customers.  These range from Global Fortune 1000 to middle market and smaller customers.  TSI presently provides 5 out of the US Fortune 20 largest corporations with its data protection solutions.  Four out five of these, AT&T, Verizon, CVS Health and GE are all using TSI’s Storage Director backup/restore/archive/DR solution in production datacenter environments backing up mission-critical data.  Three of these Fortune 20 customers have been using Storage Director for 10 years or more.  In addition, TSI has been an OEM supplier of backup hardware and software solutions to Hewlett Packard Enterprise’s Business Critical Server group for 22 years.  We have also been an IBM partner for 11 years.

So it’s fair to say that TSI understands the requirements for Enterprise class data backups and what’s necessary for data backup efficiency and modernization.

TSI’s flagship product, Storage Director, is the industry leading software defined, policy-based and tiered Enterprise Purpose Built Backup Appliance that enables data from any host, OS or backup application, to be backed up to any storage device, medium or technology. Today, HPE NonStop customers are increasingly looking for an enterprise class backup/restore/archive/DR solution with object storage or cloud capability. For these customers, Storage Director interfaces with IBM’s Cloud Object Storage, Hitachi’s HCP, or any S3 compatible cloud.  Storage Director has AES 256 bit encryption of both data in flight and data at rest with optional erasure coding (if an on-premise object storage archival platform is used)

Being a fully virtualized target for any backup management application, such as Spectrum Protect, NetBackup, Commvault, Veeam, etc., Storage Director enables policy-based data pools to be created and backed up to multiple targets and replicated for remote storage and DR, securely and without host intervention. Concurrent with HPE NonStop backups, Storage Director is able to present a single backup target or solution for backing up all open environments, such as Linux, Windows, VMWare, UNIX, etc. as well as other proprietary host platforms, such as IBM Mainframe (z/OS), iSeries, HP Open VMS etc. on a single node

Most backup solution providers propose solutions requiring “vendor-lock”, meaning customers have to keep buying from a single source; obviously the cost of changing backup solutions will be excessive.  On the other hand, TSI focuses on meeting each customer’s needs and requirements with the best solution set available and within the capability of TSI to implement and support.  TSI’s solution suite is software-defined, allowing customers to comparison shop hardware, eliminating vendor lock-in, and thereby offering greater flexibility and negotiating power both at purchase and at maintenance renewals.

As for performance, Shortage Director TSI’s solution offering has the fastest raw data WRITE (backup) and READ (restore) performance both from near line storage (cache) and from on-premise object storage, NAS, tape, remote archive and public cloud of any solution on the market today. For example, Storage Director can backup 300+ percent faster and restore 500+ percent faster per node and per given network connection than Dell EMC Data Domain. Recall that deduplication appliances are performance constrained due to in-line deduplication of data, the need for rehydration of data upon restore, the mandatory garbage cleaning requirement, and a lack of high performance tiering to archival media such as tape, hybrid or public cloud. It is Storage Director’s READ, WRITE performance that attracted industry rivals IBM, HPE Storage and Hitachi Vantara to all partner with TSI for backup/restore.  Independent performance test data is available for review.

Finally, TSI has brought stability, cost containment, ease and consistency of operations to our enterprise customers.  Recently, a Fortune 500 customer requested a message in the log be diagnosed on Storage Director.  Upon pulling the system logs, TSI engineers found that this Storage Director node had been in continuous backup/restore operation without any hardware or software issue or error for 4.025 years or 1470 days.  This is typical of TSI’s solution uptime provided the customer monitors all hardware and software continuously.

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Of course, if you’d like additional information on NonStop Tape or Storage Director, visit, or call Matt Allen at 817-786-3066 (office) or 713-492-7434 (cell).

TSI wishes all the best to the extended NonStop family during the current pandemic. TSI has been classified as an “Essential Business” by the State of Texas; we remain open and fully staffed for any support or product needs our many customers may have.

Storage Director allows NonStop professionals to “augment what they have and use it in creative new ways!”