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Monitor IBM MQ8 Events With MQ Gate

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Imagine all of these IBM MQ 8 EMS events occurring on your NonStop systems.

Which one is alerting dead-letter queue full. Which one is alerting queue depth limit reached. How can you identify the issue that is putting your mission critical processes at risk?

They all look the same, right?

IT APR 2020 - 1

Within Reflex Console (below), the structure of the events are better presented. From here, you can see that ALL MQ events contain the same SSID, Event Number and Subject tokens.

All meaningful data is presented in large text buffers. Pretty difficult for the Business to distinguish important events.

Reflex Console

IT APR 2020 - 2

Monitoring MQ Events

The same event (SSID / Event Number) occurs for all your MQ Managers, Queues and Channels.  Not very user friendly.

If something critical does occur, it can be difficult to identify, e.g. dead-letter queue full; queue depth limit reached; channel has stopped; queue not serviced within a specified time.

MQ Gate

To avoid the risk of ever missing those important MQ events, MQ Gate from Insider Technologies, takes these IBM MQ events and generates alternatives:



Using MQ Gate, you can identify the important MQ events that are critical to your business.

If no escalation or graphical monitoring solution exists, then Insider’s NonStop complimentary systems monitoring product – REFLEX – provides a single pane of glass solution for all your NonStop systems, including IBM MQ.

The newly parsed MQ Gate events are received by individual Managers, Queues and Channels, where colour coded state changes occur for exception conditions.

IT APR 2020 - 3

As with other Reflex monitored subsystems, details on the MQ component can be obtained.

IT APR 2020 - 4