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Monthly NonStop Social Media Round-Up

This is a new column that pulls from my own observations on what’s happening around the NonStop blogosphere.

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Given I made a career choice a long time ago to become an industry commentator providing subjective analysis and opinions, the world of online blogs has given me a forum to promote technologies, products and solutions all involving HPE and NonStop. So what has caught my attention of late? And, if you have anything to add let me know

From LinkedIn Groups:

Continuous Availability Forum – two months ago, the discussion, “What CIOs can learn from the Delta outage” has begun and it has proved highly topical, particularly for the NonStop community. The key take away comment, “the most important lesson from the recent Delta episode is to exercise contingencies often.”

Continuous Availability Forum – one month ago, the discussion, We’re learning the wrong lessons from airline IT outages came as a follow-on to prior discussions. But the key take away from this discussion may have in fact been, “let’s not forget to distribute connections through different physical Network, SAN, and TAN switches, etc.”

TCM NonStop Experts – HPE NonStop / Tandem Services and Solutions – one month ago, the discussion, Have you searched out NonStop?, has generated a number of helpful tips when it came to why a search on Google of just the word, NonStop, didn’t generate more responses from HPE. Best tip? How about including HP, as when you “search for ‘HP NonStop’ the results start off with NonStop platform references immediately.”

TCM NonStop Experts – HPE NonStop / Tandem Services and Solutions – just a week ago, the discussion that is near and dear to the hearts of many NonStop supporters, What’s to happen to those looking for much-needed NonStop skills? has generated almost immediate response and will be a discussion I will be following this month.

Fools for NonStop – just this week, the discussion, NonStop “young guns” kicked off and while there are no comments as yet, this is a topic of interest for everyone and will be a discussion I will be monitoring closely in the coming weeks.

If you haven’t already joined these groups perhaps you may want to consider doing so, and yes, sometimes value can be provided if you step outside of HPE and NonStop. Take for instance, the following:

Mainframe Experts Network – there is a lot of overlap in both sentiment and loyalty coming from this group that easily could be included in any discussion on NonStop. This past month, the discussion, Why mainframe modernisation is more important than ever could have appeared in any NonStop focused LinkedIn group and among the many comments, check out, “The benefits of modernization should address the customer’s pain points, including the need for cost reductions, business pressures, staff reductions, or other inflection points.” Sounds familiar?

From LinkedIn Pulse Blog:
Among the posts to this blog that may have been overlooked is a more serious post that hopefully will generate more discussion as well, “HPE NonStop systems: An open letter to CIOs…” And why? “As you continue to look at the investment HPE is making in NonStop have you become fully aware of the radical transformation NonStop has undergone,” may be reason enough to take another look and pass to others in your group.

From Twitter:

While many in the community dismiss twitter it’s still a good source of information and among the many HPE and NonStop related feeds to follow, some of the most active include:
@Connect_WW, @Connect2NonStop, @HPEConvergedDI, @HPE_Servers, and don’t forget to help build a following too for #NonStopRocks