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“The Mainframe-Class NonStop Batch Scheduler”

insider tech Jan 20 - 1

Some of the benefits the UK Central Bank and OFI NonStop customers have realised:


For nearly 30 years, our customers have relied on MultiBatch to help improve their SLAs and batch scheduling run times.

All of our customers configure complex mainframe-class batch schedules, requiring reliability, flexibility and ease of use.

Some of the new features within MultiBatch version 9.5 include:


All batch and scheduling configurations are available via a single interface, easily navigable around the various screens and real-time status monitor facilities.


Having to maintain complex batch schedules via JCL scripts can be risky and prone to user error, e.g.:

insider tech Jan 20 - 2

MultiBatch does not require lengthy JCL (NBEXEC / TACL) maintenance.

All scheduling, dependencies, run time options are configured via the GUI and/or Pathway.

Inexperienced users can easily maintain the batch schedules.


MultiBatch arrives with an inbuilt security set, e.g. MBAT.OPS user for just viewing the configuration and status monitor screens, whereas an MBAT.CONFIG user is utilised to maintain one or more batch schedules.


If required, a user can run all of their MultiBatch jobs under the owner of the batch monitor process (BMON).

Alternatively, specific jobs can run under certain user ids, e.g. during a MultiBatch system coldload schedule, some Pathways may run as APPL.MANAGER, whereas TMF will start as 255,255.

insider tech Jan 20 - 3


Our customers utilise a control node in which to maintain their MultiBatch schedules ready for testing, trialling and if successful, migrating to production.

Alternative NonStop batch schedulers require some form of TACL maintenance to copy schedules between nodes.

MultiBatch simply extracts a batch schedule from one environment and inserts it into a target environment; no TACL changes, configuration changes needed.

Simple and effective migration, dynamically changing node name, volumes, subvolumes, parameters, defines, assigns, OSS file-descriptors and OSS environment variables.


Within the GUI interface, a user can visually check where the batch schedule is up to. This is extremely important in large, complex batch schedules such as RTGS, Atlas/GBS, securities settlements.

insider tech Jan 20 - 4

A user can interrogate the cause of failure and with appropriate access rights, execute various command and control functions such as restart, hold, complete.

Provides an in-depth and real-time approach to batch status.

MultiBatch is supplied with an extensive list of fully tokenised EMS events that can be monitored via ViewPoint, EMSDIST, and our NonStop and Enterprise monitoring products, Reflex, Sentra.

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Download the MultiBatch White Paper: