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MultiBatch Modernisation debuts at TBC 2020

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Insider Technologies is proud to be a Platinum Sponsor at the NonStop Technical Boot Camp 2020.

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MultiBatch is the only Workload Automation tool dedicated to HPE NonStop that is still under active development. It is built from the ground up to work with the NonStop architecture, with its renowned high level of availability and reliability.

To make sure its unparalleled functionality will be easily accessible to another generation of users, a new modern interface was needed.

At TBC 2020 we show you how SCOBOL becomes HTML 5 in real time!

Register for TBC 2020. It’s free!

When we decided to modernise the interface we were faced with a rewrite or reuse conundrum. Should we try to leverage what we already have or start again and make use of the plethora of open source development frameworks available?

We spent considerable time looking for tools and weighing the pros and cons before making our decision.

Our criteria were based on 5 factors:

The conclusion was reached that we should reuse the existing interface. We selected LegaSuite® as it enabled quick and easy development of rich web experiences, increasing user adoption.

In April 2020, a Proof of Concept exercise was undertaken where a working prototype was created.  A detailed report was written and based on this, management gave the go ahead to progress the project. Since then programming standards and templates have been created and a detailed implementation plan written.

Once you’ve registered, sign up for our presentation here!

In a fraction of the time it would take to build a new interface from scratch, a substantially enhanced user interface with all the advantages of HTML 5 in a browser will be delivered.

From the original SCOBOL screens, the new interface will have all the features but with a new modern look.   Of course, the interface is improved using the richness of HTML5, for example we make use of grids, tree lists and best practice navigation. Also, the interface makes use of our new APIs to provide a real time dynamic view of your processing.

And now we are presenting a summary of the method and principles at TBC 2020 and showcasing the new GUI. See how SCOBOL code is enhanced to produce HTML5 pages in real time using the LegaSuite® workbench.