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MultiBatch: Modernized and secured – your ticket to high performance, multitasking, batch processing



With memories of recent gatherings of the NonStop community fresh in our minds it is hard to ignore the general increase in participants’ engagement in discussions concerning all things related to NonStop systems. With the eGTUG European NonStop HotSpot / IT-Symposium 2024 – Conference & Exhibition coming on the heels of a successful two city event in Australia that saw the OzTUG community gathering in Sydney and Melbourne, it became clear to those attending both that these engagements among participants were fueled by a sense that HPE investment in NonStop not only was continuing but under new management, it was likely to experience an upward trajectory.

New executive oversight was coming from recently appointed VP & GM, NonStop, Casey Taylor and was a welcome development. As was the news that GM EMEA, Neil Davis, was being given an expansion of responsibilities that would now include LATAM. It would be easy to see that good people within the HPE organization and being rewarded and this was very much the case. It has been some time since we last saw executives and management actively participating in multiple community events, conferences and exhibitions.

When you consider the topics or theme of these multiple events, what stood out for the ETI-NET participants was how attention was directed towards modernization and “bringing the cloud experience to you.” There were references made to AI even as there was a developing sense that the future of NonStop was very much in the virtual environment. Perhaps it was by accident that the event in Berlin was held in a hotel adjacent to the Berlin Hauptbahnhof, the cities central station and at the intersection of rail lines from all across Europe. but the image wasn’t lost on some participants. NonStop was not only at the crossroads but was travelling in a direction that was clearly recognized.

Many of the topics covered in the media and referenced in movies we all enjoyed reflect what we are witnessing in the real world. When it comes to direction, enterprises are looking to optimize cost, capitalize on modern solutions and, in general, entertain more options when it comes time to chose their own direction. For ETI-NET this is a timely reminder of how the mix of solutions across our product portfolio addresses these requirements even as the manner by which ETI-NET products can be purchased is on a parallel course to how the NonStop team is delivering their solutions.

“You look like a Scotch drinker,” said the robotic barman in an early scene from the film The Passenger. With such a brief but insightful exclamation, this futuristic barman cut to the chase. In the world of IT, being able to visualize the requirements of enterprises today oftentimes favors futuristic technologies, but in the mundane world of day-to-day processing by IT departments everywhere, it’s not the futuristic technologies that need to be addressed but workloads upon which the business depends. Enter, the world of batch.

For many, batch processing has taken on the mantle of legacy. Surely batch is of lesser interest in a world dominated by the delivery of real time, mission-critical, solutions. “Surely, in the real time world of mission critical processing, is batch processing even required,” said a familiar voice querying the need to continue to engage in conversations about batch processing. For ETI-NET this is at the very root of why investment continues in its premier batch processing solution, ETI-NET MultiBatch that features the full range of scheduling capabilities that are still very much in demand.

What makes this MultiBatch more relevant today than what might have been assumed from previous meetings is threefold. The NonStop product formerly marketed by the NonStop team, NonStop NetBatch, is no longer being actively sold. Support remains sketchy and NonStop customers are being encouraged to consider alternatives. At this time, MultiBatch is the logical, indeed only, alternative being considered by NonStop customers today and as enterprises begin acknowledging that the scheduling of tasks continues to be a requirement, there is little need to seek any alternative to all that MultiBatch offers today.

As for the two other aspects pertaining to the relevance of MultiBatch with its ability to support the complex nature of batch scheduling, think no further than security and modernization. There is an element of fear across all of IT that vulnerabilities are there to be exploited and nobody can even tell you where the next threat might arise. Furthermore, having been subject to few enhancements for quite some time, simply stated, NetBatch doesn’t stack up when talk turns to the modernization of IT.

“We have seen a marked uptick in interest in MultiBatch for these very reasons,” said Mike Mitsch, ETI-NET Director, Business Development. “Whether your application interface to the OSS or Guardian personalities supported by NonStop or perhaps a mix of both, MultiBatch can provide the necessary support. It’s best to think of MultiBatch as a workload automation manager designed specifically for HPE NonStop systems irrespective of what API personalities are exploited even as it truly makes the best possible use of the key NonStop attributes of fault tolerance and near-linear scalability.”

No longer is the interface a command line, but rather a product specific GUI is delivered. And it’s not just any GUI but a set of GUIs supporting the needs of different audiences. “One of the fundamentals of security is not giving control to just one person or group,” said Mike Mitsch. “In this case, there are separate GUI screens for those tasked with administration of MultiBatch – that is the scheduling aspects of what runs when and where – whereas those tasked with operational oversight have another set of GUI screens. With this division of responsibilities, a greater level of security can be provided than had otherwise been available with NetBatch. And the pursuit of these GUI screens for MultiBatch, it is a further testament to the modernization that has taken place.”

With MultiBatch now part of the ETI-NET product portfolio, it is now available from HPE via the SDI program.  Because of the considerable NonStop orchestration (NonStop and OSS) and security (separation of duties) enhancements MultiBatch enables, ETI-NET and HPE have worked together to implement an SDI template to onramp the modernization of MultBatch seamlessly for NonStop clients. Additionally, ETI-NET has worked with HPE to make MultiBatch available via the GreenLake program, which builds upon the SDI MultBatch template allowing ETI-NET can deliver MultiBatch on a co-term basis. “Of course, MultiBatch can be acquired outside of GreenLake, directly from ETI-NET. Either way, consider this as just one more component in the modernization of NonStop Batch processing with MultiBatch as with GreenLake, HPE can deliver a public-cloud like experience inclusive of MultiBatch,” said Mike Mitsch.

Your enterprise may not be as readily identifiable at the passenger addressed by the robotic barman and scotch may not even be your preferred beverage, but when it comes to NonStop and the full NonStop product offering, it is fair to assume that the NonStop team can just as easily say, “you look like you do batch processing.” If this is coming as news to your NonStop organization and you have been concerned about what might be replacing your NetBatch deployments, then MultiBatch is for you. If you would like to hear more then watch for the availability of a recorded fireside chat featuring an exchange between Mike Mitsch and Richard Buckle from Pyalla Technology as they cover the points made here as it will be posted shortly to the ETI-NET web site.

Should you need more information on MultiBatch and are looking for a modern take on scheduling and workload automation or you simply want to talk to us about your batch requirements in general, you can always reach the ETI-NET team through the use of the contact information, below.

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