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Next OzTUG event scheduled for Sydney on August 24, 2017



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There is a very strong relationship between the Australasian user group, OzTUG, and the broader NonStop community. Through the years there have been numerous volunteers from OzTUG that have gone on to serve on the former ITUG board, with the Bond family a standout. OzTUG founding committee member, Tony Bond, went on to become ITUG Chairman as did Richard Buckle another OzTUG committee founder who was the then-Tandem liaison and these strong ties to the rest of the NonStop community remain today. As a NonStop focused user community OzTUG has been serving community members in both Australia and New Zealand for almost three decades.

While the community has drawn members from some of the biggest corporations of both countries, they have seen the numbers ebb and flow as has been the case for many NonStop user groups around the world and yet, whenever it comes time to pull the community together for an event then there is always a sizable turnout. Local NonStop vendors are always quick to support such an event and there is a long association between the vendor community and HPE. Think Enlighten, Prognosis, NonStop NET/MASTER, ICE and WebGate and more recently uLinga and, what may ultimately prove the most exciting of all, bomBora, which is a deep port of Node.js to NonStop. All had the origins in Australia and went on to make their mark worldwide.

And I am sure there other vendors of note too that should be included in this list but such is the independent streak within the NonStop community that there is always something “in development” and the recent demo of the port of R3 Corda blockchain to Virtualized NonStop had a distinct Australian feel about it (given the support by several large Australian banks) according to those who stopped by the booth at HPE Discover, 2017. Perhaps we will all hear more about blockchain on NonStop at this upcoming OzTUG event.

As it so happens, there is now a planned HPE NonStop Summit scheduled for August 24, 2017. This event will be held at the same venue as in 2016, which is, Doltone House – Hyde Park, Level 3, 181 Elizabeth Street, Sydney. Well-known NonStop personality, Andrew Price, has now taken on the responsibility as incoming OzTUG President and he is being ably supported by HPE liaison, David Gillbanks who is equally as well-known having attended numerous NonStop technical Boot Camp events and I am sure there will be plenty of folks looking forward to catching up both Andrew and David.

The highlight of the event will be high-profile presentions featuring the NonStop product roadmaps, NSADI, Virtualized NonStop and SQL on the basis of a DBaaS. And don’t be surprised if a very special guest arrives to give these presentations. As for vendor sponsorship I am certain OzTUG can accommodate any additional support even as we enter July. Just let us know. Should you have any additional questions then please feel free to contact any one of us directly.

Andrew Price – President OzTUG
Lyn Falck – Secretary OzTUG
David Gillbanks – HPE Liaison