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Next steps with SQL/MX DBS




It is time to provide an update on the next steps we are taking with NonStop SQL/MX DBS.

In the past year we have been enhancing the webDBS user interface to a point that it can be used in serious prototype work, thanks to the input of those who participated.

We have also worked on integrating and demonstrating DBS in a larger HPE solution that automates the lifecycle of databases (currently Oracle, but SQL/MX and others will be added), using ServiceNow, a “cloud-based service automation platform that enables enterprise organizations to improve operational efficiencies by streamlining and automating routine work tasks”.

HPE Database Platform Integration (DBPA)

Disclaimer: The following is an indication of what we are considering and not a product announcement.

HPE DBPA is a “solution that provides on-demand access to database services in an on-premises private cloud using a self-service portal.” The solution promises some of the same advantages as those that are mentioned in the features of SQL/MX DBS, for example, accelerated time-to-value, by quickly provisioning databases, standardized processes, controlling sprawl of databases, support for bare-metal and VMware® virtualized environments.

Initially, the HPE DBPA targeted the Oracle database environments, but the very same architecture is suitable for incorporating NonStop SQL.

DBPA High level overview

The end-user will enter provisioning requests for a database (Oracle, NonStop SQL/MX, other) using a single user-interface that is part of ServiceNow and runs in the public cloud. This starts a workflow that, depending on the requested database, provides an Oracle or Oracle RAC instance on one or more (virtual) machines or a, fault-tolerant, SQL/MX database on a (virtualized) NonStop host that provides multiple NonStop databases, sharing the hardware and database software. As mentioned, the ServiceNow user interface runs in the public cloud but communicates securely with an on-premises component which in turns executes workflow tasks in the local datacenters. The glue between the steps is Ansible by means of Ansible playbooks or Ansible modules.

Since the webDBS software invokes host-based scripts to invoke the user actions, it was easy to integrate webDBS with ServiceNow workflows. Within a few weeks we demonstrated the concept to HPE management.

Early access possibilities for customers

We are looking for user input on the next steps. While it may be too early to expose the full stack, it is possible to experience the tasks that will be available in a slightly different user interface, without the ServiceNow part. HPE NonStop Education (NonStop Academy) provides user access via the web to a private database that will be set up in SQL/MX DBS and made available at no cost for a period of one to two months, dependent on resource availability.

This database environment suitable to test functional aspects of an application but users must be aware that it is not suitable for any sensitive data

Please respond to your local representative or contact NonStop Academy if you would like to participate in this early phase.

The database functions that are available to the database owners include adding and removing additional users, obtain database status and other information and downloading of client software such as database drivers. These same tasks will be available in a new UI, and we would like to receive user input that helps improving the experience.

Planned webinar for SQL/MX DBS

NonStop Academy is planning a webinar on SQL/MX DBS on Wednesday, October 13. Frans Jongma from the ATC will be the speaker at this event. The webinar will provide an overview and demonstration of the capabilities of SQL/MX DBS, featuring the POC webDBS GUI that is also used in the YouTube videos. If time permits, we may already tell the audience about the integration plans with ServiceNow and a new GUI for DBS. The webinar will be announced by NonStop Academy soon but you heard it first in NonStop Insider.

Ideal customers for SQL/MX DBS

SQL/MX DBS target application environment is hybrid client-database server. This is different from many traditional NonStop use-cases where application and database are hosted on the same NonStop platform. NonStop customers will typically have groups within their enterprise that operate applications in this model with Oracle, SQLServer, MySQL, or PostgreSQL. These groups may see the value of a fault-tolerant SQL database but shy away from accessing the platform. This is exactly what SQL/MX DBS will offer. Users will only use a web-based GUI, or the ODBC and JDBC API calls. Freely available tools such as DBeaver and DBVisualizer can be used for database management tasks not included in the web GUI.

More information

The webDBS software is demonstrated in a set of YouTube videos located at