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NonStop and Open Platforms coexist – fast interconnect widens users choice of runtime platform

NSADI opens up new possibilities for architecting modern, mission-critical solutions using closely knit applications running on Linux and NonStop systems




There have been many announcements these past twelve months that have held significance for the NonStop community. However, for the NonStop vendor community perhaps the most important of all announcements concerned the availability of the NonStop Application Direct Interface (NSADI) that came with the successful completion of the Yuma project. According to HPE, “NSADI opens up new possibilities for architecting modern, mission-critical solutions using closely knit applications running on Linux and NonStop systems. These could be targeted for deployments in financial services, retail, data-analytics, patient care, IoT and others where the industry needs highly innovative yet mission critical solutions.” And yes, this opens up consideration of new features for DataExpress.

What NSADI addresses is the need for applications running in disparate systems – in this case, NonStop together with Linux and / or Windows – to pass data between them via an extremely low latency vehicle. From our perspective here at DataExpress, this is what HPE NonStop development has provided and with NSADI it enables us to view NonStop as an integral part of a Converged Infrastructure (CI) offering. HPE drew our attention to the fact that there are already NonStop-centric solutions vendors testing CS offerings that include NonStop and Linux where NSADI is part of the glue binding the CS. DataExpress supports a NonStop product offering – DataExpress for NonStop (DXNS) as well as an open platform product offering – Data Express for Open Platforms (DXOP). Combining them for better exploitation of a CI represents the next logical step in the life of DataExpress.

CI can just as easily be a mix of NonStop and Linux as it can be a mix of NonStop and a private cloud. To support this reality, we have nearly all the building blocks in place to provide something fresh to address this changing landscape – DataExpress Cloud Access (DXCA). With DXCA, NonStop users will still run DXNS on NonStop but have DXCA available running inside the cloud. What this would provide is the ability to deploy files into the cloud, safely, securely and in a fully automated fashion under the oversight of DataExpress and from there, files could be moved anywhere applications or users need to access them.

Clearly if NonStop users are in the early stages of considering deploying CI that includes NonStop and open platforms like Linux, we would really like to hear from them as this would help us prioritize the feature set of our first deliverable. And for even more information about our new DXCA, take a look at the post of September 19, 2016, CLOUDS ON THE HORIZON; DATAEXPRESS EMBRACES HYBRID COMPUTING . The best way to reach us is by either emailing us at or calling us at 972-899-3476 (sales).