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NonStop community excited by prospect of new partner being focused on the platform – introducing MVI Technologies

MVI Technologies


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MVI Feb 2021

At MVI Technologies we know that one of the biggest interests across the NonStop community has to do with hearing of new vendors and new products coming to NonStop. We understand too that from the time of the first shipments of Tandem Computers it has always been about the solutions. Please welcome the news of yet another solution coming to NonStop as we hope it makes for exciting reading. Singapore based MVI Technologies just happens to be “at the forefront of innovation not only in the technological arena of 24/7 on-line banking and financial systems, but also in the commercial viability of its solutions.”

As we enter 2021, we are doing well and we have just secured a Digital Transformation project involving the provision of a Payment Hub for a local bank. Going beyond a typical Payment Switch or Gateway we will do both legacy interfacing like SWIFT MT & ISO8583 and new channels like JSON & ISO20022-based systems and it seems there is growing interest in such a product across our region. This project had a customer requirement to run on Linux. However, the solution we are deploying here will be able to run on the NonStop since it is a java-based system and we integrate easily with SQL/MX!

MVI Technologies is committed to open software and already has assembled a prestigious portfolio of clients including well known business such as NETS Singapore, AXS Singapore, Hong Leong Bank, Singapore, Global Blue and more.

Our commitment to next generation solutions has been recognised by the HPE NonStop team in Singapore. In a recent interaction with HPE’s Suresh Menon and Anthony Ho here in Singapore that was a follow-up on our engagement last year we summarized how in 2020 we managed to load and then test with applications running on HPE Linux platform and with the database running SQL/MX on NonStop system where we easily achieved 2400 tps. Suffice to say, there are firm plans for further engagement with HPE and its offices in the Asia Pac this year.

Should you be interested in our company and its products then simply email us or call me direct. We all look forward to hearing from you.


Foo Say Juan


MVI Technologies (S) Pte Ltd

60 Kaki Bukit Place

#09-14 Eunos Techpark

Singapore 415979

HP/WhatsApp: +65-9622-9930

Skype ID: prisfsj

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