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NonStop Community generates recognizable energy

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MexTUG, Mexico City, 2023

For 2023, the calendar of events for the NonStop Community couldn’t be any more stacked with conferences. What started out in May is continuing through the middle of the Northern Hemisphere summer. Whether you participated in the recent pan-European event in Edinburgh, Scotland, or were present earlier in the month during the sweep down the Atlantic Coast, opportunities to hear from the HPE NonStop team could be had and who doesn’t want to return to in-person events!

More recently there have been events in New Zealand and Australia as well as Canada. Mexico has been the site for MexTUG (photo above) while Texas will shortly play host to the NonStop community only days after you read this article. For those that can handle the heat of Las Vegas in late June and manage to make it to HPE Discover 2023, there is a further opportunity to be had of hearing directly from HPE executives and senior management. Further away from the equator there is the likelihood of another gathering in Scandinavian for VNUG. It is as though the event trail for 2023 leaves little time for catching our breath but then again, we wouldn’t want it any other way.

For Pyalla Technologies it has been a time where support of our clients has taken precedent. With multiple clients there is always a balancing act involved but this hasn’t detracted from the time we were able to find to simply sit down with out clients for an informal chat. The conferences that Margo and I attend are those where I am given a timeslot for a presentation and sprinkling these vendor presentations with our own industry insights along with a running commentary on all things NonStop makes the travel involved truly worthwhile.

Leaving Mississauga, Ontario and a highly successful CTUG conference only to return to Colorado to repack for the flight down to Dallas for N2TUG has us coming to terms with where our true priorities lie. Having immigrated to Canada I am always reminded of what I liked best about the country and yes, it was all about the people. Coming from Australia to Canada while in my mid-20s, it was a case of going from one room to another. The differences were hard to spot that is, other than the absence of the Union Jack from their flag. But at the macro-economic level, removing a blindfold would have confused me as to exactly where I was.

It was with this in mind that I happened by chance to hear the words of a song that always affects me:  

When the lights go down in the city
And the sun shines on the bay

Even the name of the group, Journey, adds to the sentiment. Turns out whether living in Sydney, commuting to Singapore as I did in the mid-1980s, trying to settle down in Silicon Valley, there was always a harbor nearby. And driving into Mississauga, passing, as we did, the Great Lakes, it is not a stretch of the imagination that the arrival of each evening simply means that the time has come to depart for the next NonStop user event. With each conference attended, the energy definitely isn’t lessening!

It is all about the energy, after all. The palpable vigor on display whether it’s over beer and cocktails during an opening reception, a dinner as a conference wraps-up, or simply revisiting longstanding friendships that have been decades in the making. A lot of this energy comes as a result of the work that the NonStop team puts in to ensure the highest possible caliber of presenters are on hand. So too are the efforts exerted by the Connect organization in the leadup to any NonStop community conference.

For many of the NonStop vendors their participation represents the highlight of their marketing outreach program. Getting in front of an audience that otherwise might not be familiar with their company or their products has become one of the best returns on investments that they might make in any given year. For the NonStop users being able to sample the wares of so many NonStop vendors across a concentrated timeframe likewise fuels their need to participate. 

For Margo and me the support we have from NTI is something we value highly. It is through NTI’s support that we get opportunities to talk to sizable cross-sections of the community that in turn feed the storylines of the articles and posts we write during the year. We travel; we converse; we network and observe; most of all we feel the energy that each event creates and that is all we ever need to fuel our enthusiasm for where next an event takes us.

And after many decades of doing just that there is still freshness about meeting the people we work with, day in and day out, that can never be duplicated through virtual calls. With that, it’s on to Dallas, even as already our sites are firmly set on the upcoming NonStop TBC 2023 Conference in Denver this coming September. Safe travels and see you all on the event trail shortly!

Richard Buckle
Pyalla Technologies, LLC