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NonStop Events: Never Miss Them Again

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Your application is generating poorly structured application events.

When written directly to EMS, unformatted, rather than a sequence of tokens, EMS generates a default event on behalf of the initiating entity, all of which have the same token settings.

Filtering and monitoring of this information is at best an expensive processing exercise.

Consider the following three application messages submitted to EMS:

In the Reflex graphical Console, they appear as:

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This is not easy to expand into approaches for business or network management in order to recognise the business critical incidents, i.e. those that need escalation and inquiry.

Reflex Gateway

Instead of submitting events event directly to EMS, Gateway collects the events and creates a new, fully tokenised events, based on certain preconfigured rules.

This converted event can be routed to the Reflex Reaction engines, or escalated as appropriate, e.g. to Tivoli, OpenView, email, SMS.

Applications may optionally write their events directly to the Gateway process, where they will be parsed and reissued as fully tokenised events.

Parsing Rule

For the first example event above, where event text characters:

Generate a unique event consisting of:

In this example, the new event has been issued with the Emphasis token set to True:

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During the conversion exercise and if necessary, you can modify the source text via Gateway, delete redundant information such as date and time, add new data such as severity, or the name of the originating process.

The  text to EMS translation rules are easily constructed within Gateway and do not require programming expertise.

Reflex Gateway Use Cases

Gateway is used within our financial customer base portal to organise their poorly structured event activities into more relevant warnings for their foreign exchange transactions, high value trades, RTGS activities.

The effect of this is that their vital systems are constantly updated about the state of their Business applications.

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