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A toast on the NonStop Insider

The number Fifty is always a significant milestone in all walks of life, the 50th wedding anniversary, or the 50th birthday, or 50 ATP Tennis Championship titles or the 50th issue of the NonStop Insider! All these events mentioned above usually involve some form of celebration when the number 50 is reached, and I am sure that in this case a bottle of good wine was cracked open to celebrate the happy occasion!

Congratulations to Margo and Richard for starting NonStop Insider back in October 2016 and for establishing it as ‘the new home for news, views and updates from the NonStop Community’.

The NonStop Insider is a high-quality source of NonStop related articles and provides the NonStop community with fresh information and valuable insights into the NonStop industry and sometimes the inner workings of HPE and NonStop partners.

So, thank you again, Margo and Richard,
for all the hard work that you put into publishing the NonStop Insider.
Here is to the next 50 issues!


A virtual event highlight – the NonStop TBC2020

The highlight of the NonStop event season is always the NonStop Technical Boot Camp (TBC) and this year is no exception. 2020 has been a very challenging year for all and required most people to adapt to working from home and attending virtual events rather than in-person events, which is owed to the global pandemic. Hence, this year’s TBC will be an entirely virtual event this year, and we are all signed up for it to hear the latest NonStop updates from HPE and the NonStop partners and NonStop users.

The big advantage of a virtual TBC is that nobody needs to travel to the venue, nobody requires travel approval, and nobody has to be away for a week to attend the event.

As a result, we’re seeing a record number of registrations, which were at the last count at around 1,700 people. The breakdown of this number is clearly in favour of attendees from customers and first-timers from around the world, which is excellent news and very encouraging.

The TBC will be a truly global event with regional tracks in America, Europe, India, Asia Pacific and Japan.

comforte is looking forward to attending the virtual TBC and has lined up some great talks.

We invite you to watch and listen to our presentations on the following topics:

For the full TBC agenda, click here.


A new security product

Last but not least, we are very excited about a new comforte solution, and we want to give you a little new product sneak preview. At the TBC, we are launching ‘SafePoint LogStream and Security Dashboards’ (working title). This solution is designed to get NonStop data off the NonStop into an Enterprise-wide Security Information and Event Management System (SIEM) like Splunk, where data from our other platforms also resides. Web logs, EMS logs, Safeguard data – it all needs to get there and be available for real-time and forensic analysis.

As NonStop users start ingesting more complex data, it gets more difficult to analyze those data sources together. Users need reusable tools and models to streamline prep work and get those disparate sources into the right shape for analysis.

SafePoint LogStream plus a SafePoint Splunk App provide a turnkey solution for NonStop data analytics. More to come. Stay tuned.


See you at the virtual TBC2020. Please stop by our virtual booth and enter for the raffle.