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NonStop SQL/MX Webinar recording available!




On October 13, NonStop Academy and HPE NonStop ATC organized a webinar about NonStop SQL/MX Database Services (DBS), and while this webinar was scheduled shortly after the flood of presentations that were delivered at the TBC, the number of registrations was higher than I had expected.

The previous edition of NonStop Insider went to virtual press too, short to provide the registration details and I will use this opportunity to provide a second chance to hear about what goes on within HPE and SQL/MX.

The session included a mix of introduction and show of DBS features, for both NonStop system administrators and database developers or end-users. By now, you all know that the intent of NonStop SQL/MX DBS is to simplify the tasks for NonStop system administrators on the one hand, and to allow easier use of SQL/MX to the end user.

What appeals to a system administrator is the simplicity of setting up a complete environment for an end-user with just simple web page. The end-users can use the workstation tools they prefer; all they need is an ODBC or JDBC connection. Plug in and play!

This plug and play concept was demonstrated using the DBeaver Community version of a popular database development tool. The same tool is also used as an Eclipse plugin, so developers can integrate it easily as well.

It reminded me of the days when we used tools on SQL/MP to get produce Entity-Relationship diagrams. With SQL/MX, not only DBeaver, but also DBvisualizer, which is another popular database tool, produces ER diagrams straight from the SQL/MX metadata using the SQL/MX JDBC Type4 driver.

HPE Oct 21 - 1

This database populated with some data is available as an example to anyone that wants to try the SQL/MX experience. This was in fact another announcement that was in the webinar. NonStop Academy provides the opportunity to test a database instance of SQL/MX for free! We use SQL/MX DBS as the basis and users will have an isolated environment of 50 GB that they can use. They can create their own database if they have an example, or they can use the HR schema as shown above.

HPE Oct 21 - 2

Where to go next?

The recording of the webinar is available via the NonStop Academy Technical Webinar Archive at

The request for a database form is located at

We are considering more of these “show and tell” webinars, so if you think this is a good idea and have SQL/MX related questions feel free to email me at