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NonStop Technical Boot Camp attracted crowds to ETI

NonStop Technical Boot Camp is the year’s highlight and opportunities to talk with the NonStop community always prove helpful in determining future product directions …




This year’s NonStop Technical Boot Camp (TBC) wasn’t something we were going to miss as it represents a great opportunity to meet with HPE folks together with their customers – HPE product managers and developers as well as HPE sales and solutions architects. And once again, the event didn’t disappoint as the number of attendees looked to be larger than at the previous event.

Going into the event we had completed a number of acquisitions including Insider Technologies and Crossroads’ entire product portfolio and were anticipating that this would lead to even more interest in ETI and we weren’t disappointed. With both ETI and Insider Technologies exhibiting, this ensured that wherever you turned on the exhibition floor, you would come across our booths.

Our presence at TBC was an opportunity for HPE field people, together with their customers in most instances, to come and see us. In particular, HPE field people from AP/J and EMEA came to see us with their customers to discuss migration to BackBox and to organize planning sessions. It is important for us to meet as many HPE field people as possible in order to discuss with them and their customers their requirements because it helps HPE to better plan for BackBox deployments and to provide them with the right configuration.

HPE has been a distributor of ETI BackBox for some time now. Information about BackBox can be readily obtained from HPE directly where the data sheet, HPE NonStop BackBox VTC – Versatile, reliable back and restore can be downloaded by simply following this link. However, there is always value to be derived from discussing customer plans directly with the customers and the HPE field teams that support them. As a result, we have already had several customer visits last week with HPE and organized by HPE mainly in EMEA. This was to plan major migration projects to the BackBox for 2017 and we are encouraged by these activities – all as a direct follow-on to what transpired at TBC.

ETI continues to look at further business opportunities that might lead to new acquisitions. We are committed to growing inorganically and believe that there are more members of the NonStop vendor community who would like to talk to us – our recent acquisitions show we move fast and execute on our commitments. That is merely a starting point for us – we are constantly looking for acquisitions, both inside and outside of NonStop. Should owners be interested in simply cashing out, vendors in the NonStop community shouldn’t hesitate in contacting us. Along similar lines, we are anxious to talk to parties interested in joining our sales teams. Our portfolio of companies is growing quickly and we need dynamic people to join us to make it even better. We accomplish great things, serve our hundreds of customers and have fun every day! Join us!

Said Hini (514) 663-0501