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November Editorial

Margo Holen


Thanks to all those who read the inaugural issue of the Nonstop Insider! Certainly, getting that first issue published represented a significant milestone but then with barely a moment rest it’s on to the second and then the third issue. These subsequent issues are the true litmus test of just how well a publication gels with a community and so far, from the data I have seen, it’s gotten off to a good start.

Thanks too to all those vendors who followed up their submissions last month with new submissions this month. With Boot Camp it’s a busy time so I was expecting some tailing off of support but it just didn’t happen. Almost all of the vendors have elected to participate once again and just as importantly, three more vendors have provided articles. The Nonstop Insider is first and foremost a news publication and the vendors have made my task a lot easier as they are providing news.

There is some leeway being given to those vendors who spice up their submissions with a little self-promotion and that is to be expected, but as the Managing Editor, it is a situation I am watching carefully. I am also taking the liberty to edit some submissions so that we have an uniform format: a title, a short paragraph/teaser, then more text to read and finally an author’s signature and the company logo. If I will do some editing I will of course pass it by you before publishing, no worries!

If as yet you have not submitted an article for inclusion in Nonstop Insider, then please consider doing so – if you have plans to submit to other publications such as the Availability Digest, Tandemworld, or any of the Connect publications, we would be only too happy to consider them for inclusion in the NonStop Insider as well. Just forward them to . Our publication is specifically made to be easy to read on your mobile device and as we all stand in line for coffee or wait for our meetings to commence we sure like getting a bit of NonStop news!

In this November issue the overriding theme is the upcoming NonStop Technical Boot Camp 2016. As I looked over all the submissions there wasn’t a vendor submitting an article that didn’t reference their own participation at Boot Camp and this is a great sign. Boot Camp is all about community and when it comes to the NonStop community, the enthusiasm for NonStop focused events is apparent. In fact I will be among the first to gauge that level of enthusiasm as once again I will be a Connect community volunteer and among the tasks I have stepped up to do is registration. So there’s every chance my face will be one of the first you will see as you make your way into the Boot Camp venue. Please smile back!

The Boot Camp is the place where the vendors investing in NonStop come together to learn what are the HPE plans and how they can step up to help and frankly, what to do to survive. TCM has said it best in this month’s article: “It’s this idea of survival that we will discuss in our presentation at Boot Camp ‘Adapt or Die’. Ignoring the rather amateur-dramatic title, the sentiment to take away is this: HPE is focusing its efforts on the provision of leading edge technology solutions, divesting itself of everything non-essential to this core offering. NonStop is a big part of this. We in the NonStop community however must fill in the voids, the spaces intentionally vacated by HPE to encourage others with more focus in these fields to take up the reigns.” Mind you, TCM will again be bringing the Glenrothes single malt whisky!

We are adding a new column in this issue that I would like to highlight – Social Media Round-Up! While many of us participate in numerous LinkedIn groups, oftentimes we miss seeing some of the conversations and discussions that generate lively debate. It is not always focused on NonStop systems but can include other systems that frequent an enterprises data center. So check it out and if you don’t belong to the group, by all means join and add to the exchanges taking place.

Please do not hesitate to let me know what you like and what you do not like about the NonStop Insider – we’d like to be as good as it gets!