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NTI and HPE agree, we are in a “world that is edge-centric, cloud-enabled and data-driven.”



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NTI is making the commitment to ensure the NonStop community understands the business problems it is addressing with DRNet® product. We gave a lot of presentations at events worldwide and for the remainder of the year, this commitment to take the NTI message to the NonStop community will continue as we pack our bags and head to events around the planet. From Ontario, Canada for CTUG, and Sydney and Melbourne, Australia for OzTUG and as plans are developed further, to Mexico for MexTUG. Of course, there is also the all-important NonStop Technical Boot Camp back here in California, drawing ever closer where we will be unveiling our new initiatives; and the message we will be taking to the NonStop community is that yes, it’s all about the data!

During his call with the financial community following the release of HPE’s Q3 financial results, HPE CEO Antonio Neri said, “We see a world that is edge-centric, cloud-enabled and data-driven.” And we couldn’t agree any more strongly with this observation following the years we have been ensuring enterprises have access to their business critical data no matter what transpires – infrastructure failures, legislative and regulatory interruptions, software updates or even natural disasters. HPE also reminds us that today, time and data are the new currency and from the perspective of NTI, we are paying a lot of attention to data and yes, to the data-driven economy.

The requirements of enterprises when it comes to data reflect what Neri stated – there is the edge, the cloud and connecting the two is the flow of data. Whether it is preprocessed or consolidated or simply vented as “digital exhaust,” the Edge will be responsible for managing the bulk of data that makes it into the data center and in the Hyrid IT world HPE is promoting, this data will end up in clouds mostly, and for the foreseeable future, these will be private clouds. It has become very clear to NTI that our presence in the world of data is driving us to become a single source replication “ecosystem”, with capabilities that keep pace with changing customer requirements. To this end, the ecosystem that is the DRNet® we are building out today, will include solutions for data replication, data integration and even data transformation.

“What this means is that wherever data is needed, whether arriving or departing NonStop, it can be delivered by the combination of our DRNet®– DRNet® Open poducts,” said Tim Dunne, Senior Vice President, Worldwide Sales, NTI. “This combination of DRNet®– DRNet® Open provides the NonStop community with the flexibility and feature richness that they need whether replicating to backup sites so as to avoid disasters, whether integrating with data lakes and even when leveraging massive storage options available with public clouds or even adjacent new HPE offerings like Superdome Flex. Just as importantly, it is the intention of NTI to follow HPE product roadmaps closely as HPE embraces Hybrid IT such that DRNet® Open capitalizes on DRNet®’s historical strengths in CDC to ensure timely arrival of relevant data along the path from Edge to Cloud!”

It is an ambitious program but at NTI we are very fortunate that through our relationship with our customers over the decades we have been providing them with solutions, nearly all of the components and features needed to address enterprises data are readily at hand. Anticipate hearing a lot more from NTI over the course of this year. We are ensuring we take our message to the four corners of the planet, almost literally is now seems, for a purpose. It is all about data and it is all about supporting data-driven enterprises operating within a data-driven economy.

One last item that came out of Neri’s update for the financial community in response to a question directed at him about storage and the expectation for growth to improve and about what was driving that growth. “So, we see the explosion of data continue. And you have to store the data somewhere,” said Neri. This is completely in synch with our own observations here at NTI and so it shouldn’t come as a surprise to anyone in the NonStop community that NTI will be addressing data the way it is now doing. Should you want to know more about how DRNet® can be beneficial to any project involving data and integrating edge and cloud and wherever NonStop is present, do visit our web site for more information about NTI, DRNet® and DRNet® Open or simply reach out to the sales team at NTI either by emailing us at sales@network-tech.comor calling us at +1.614.794.6000

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