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NTI and VisionarIT Chile to form sales partnership focused on the expanding LATAM marketplace.



February 2, 2024 – News Release

Recognized across the NonStop industry as being the second largest market for NonStop systems and solutions in LATAM, VisionarIT, has a market presence that created opportunities for NonStop vendors entering this market. VisionarIT’s leadership role within the Chile NonStop community was on display at the recent Chile NonStop community event.

Today, as a result of the negotiations pursued in Chile by the NTI sales team following in-depth review during NTI’s leadership meeting earlier in January, NTI is pleased to announce the formation of a sales relationship between NTI and VisionarIT that will address current market opportunities and beyond. VisionarIT has already formed partnerships with other well-established NonStop vendors and in so doing, has made this relationship an easy endeavor to pursue.

For NTI with its focus on Business Continuity and Business Resilience that has led to recent successes in the global marketplace, there is renewed emphasis being placed on what NTI brings to those NonStop customers looking to migrate off GoldenGate. DRNet®/Unified for GoldenGate Conversions is just the latest product offering from NTI but already it has enjoyed success elsewhere and it is being looked upon to be even more successful in markets such as Chile.

This makes the timing of this partnership ideal. Bringing together vendors VisionarIT and NTI, with their complementary products and services offerings ensures the NonStop community in this all-important Chilean marketplace has access to the solutions, middleware and tools necessary for success in today’s marketplace.

“When we heard of VisionarIT and had our sales team provide us
with VisionarIT’s history and its presence in Chile and then reviewed the
feedback following the Chilean NonStop community event, it became
clear to all of us at NTI that partnering with VisionarIT just made sense.

“As previously reported, NTI only recently established a business development presence in LATAM to directly serve DRNet® customers and to identify new distribution channels expanding our presence in the second biggest NonStop marketplace and that led to Chile topping our list of next moves to better support its NonStop customers.

Tim Dunne,
NTI’s Global Director Worldwide Sales

NTI and VisionarIT recognize that change is occurring rapidly for the NonStop community and with change comes migrations. Following the news from HPE that NonStop would be supporting the Intel x86 Architecture and, shortly afterwards, virtualization including support for popular virtual machines even as the first inroads into supporting aspects of NonStop within cloud computing environments began, it became very clear that no single vendor could meet all the needs of today’s NonStop customers. Partnerships that leveraged a combination of skillsets is proving to be an ideal path for the more creative NonStop vendors to pursue.

“As a company that has established its credentials in Chile with team members that have over 25 years of experience, VisionarIT is now an ideal partner for those NonStop product and service providers seeking representation locally and in the LATAM region.

“For us it is an honor and a high sense of commitment that NTI chooses us as a representative in the region and in particular Chile.”

Francisco Silva

About NTI:

As the premier provider of mission-critical disaster recovery solutions for HP NonStop, NTI maintains a 24-hour hotline to back up worldwide customers with experienced product support staff in the United States, Europe and LATAM. NTI has a proven track record of delivering technologically superior solutions as well as the experience to make them work for customers. NTI’s commitment to active research and development ensures the future availability of significant product enhancements for NTI clients.

For more information, visit, read our blog at  or email us at

About VisionarIT Chile:

As a company with a technological focus, established in Chile and backed by the experience of more than 25 years of its partners. Motivated, professional and with recognized experience in the field relating and leading projects with large local clients in the LATAM region, such as banks, retailers, financial companies, transactional processing, collection and payments; all of the above under safe and reliable environments, complying with security standards described by the industry and the best market practices.

We make our experience available to companies and clients in any sector, in order to find comprehensive solutions that resolve their needs or requirements, whether through our consulting, services, development, our own products or those of our international representations or selected partners allowing us to be integrators and representatives of worldclass products and be a strategic partner for local support in the region.

For more information, visit  or email us at