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NTI: Committed to delivering on
the need for Continuous Adaptation



It was during 2022, at the many presentations given to the NonStop community by NTI at various events, that Continuous Adaptation entered the NTI vocabulary. Elected officials, business leaders and technologists all had to deal with change at many levels. Whether it was accounting for climate change or simply coming to terms with the new reality in the post global pandemic world, it is as if the strategies of the past have lessened in importance.

What is considered more important today is being able to adapt to whatever market environments materialize. Whether there are changes to the instruments of finance we know so well or simply coming to terms with Hybrid IT, the challenges that are being presented need addressing and in a manner that can be considered evolutionary. For the NonStop community, keeping up with HPE is becoming challenging, with members of the NonStop vendor community tasked with ensuring the availability of the right products for the right opportunity.

When it comes to HPE, it was CRN that first reported on how HPE CEO Antonio Neri made it very clear to channel partners, ““In the end, make no mistake, it’s going to be the entire company inside GreenLake.” CRN went another couple of steps further saying that “partners that look at HPE as a hardware manufacturer with a broad and deep compute, storage and networking portfolio are missing the boat.” As a community, all in NonStop have known for some time that NonStop has evolved to become a software solution and one that can even support solutions on the basis of as-a-Service.     

HPE GreenLake just happens to be one of the biggest disruptors within the NonStop community. What to make of GreenLake and how to leverage the “cloud that comes to you” will be a much talked about item at upcoming NonStop events. But there will be other items as well. In the short term, some members of the NonStop community will be looking to make the move to virtual machines while others begin leveraging select services on offer from Cloud Service Providers. And above all else will be the requirement to make data created on NonStop available to databases and processes external to NonStop.

“The new playbook for disruptive times: Awash in data but lacking in connectivity and insight. Unconnected pools of data cannot continue,” was how Neri once said. He then followed up in March 2022 with “Enterprises need to be more data-first in all that they do … But data is a wasted asset if you cannot get insight from it.” More to the point, it was Neri who claimed that  “ Enterprises who are able to extract outcomes from all their data will be unstoppable.”

There was a time when we put this down to the digital transformation journey we embarked upon when it was recognized that data had become central to that journey. Today, enterprises are adapting to a data-first, data-driven, world where they are dealing with vast volumes of data and the NonStop community isn’t immune to the demands being places on their NonStop platforms and the data created on NonStop. What was once a need for simply business continuity has expanded to become a more dynamic version of itself: what NTI is now branding as Continuous Adaptation. 

In a way to look at this expanded definition is to view the mindset of continuous adaptation as being the best offense against irrelevancy. The heterogeneous landscape of application scenarios, machine learning frameworks, and the diversity of enterprise systems require flexible, yet stable and error resilient solutions. In other words, play well or you will be benched. Make it difficult to participate as an unconnected resource and you will no longer feature in the future plans of your enterprise.

The work done by the NTI team in support of industry standards like JDBC and JSON has opened the window to simplification of the movement of data whereby any open database or industry process, including message brokers such as Kafka. “We have watched this move to a data driven enterprise rapidly evolve over the past three years,” said Tim Dunne, NTI’s Global Director Worldwide Sales. “So much so that this led to NTI introducing a number of product packages under the DRNet®/Unified brand. Perhaps most important of all is that the underlying building blocks that can be found in these product packages is giving us the ability to adapt continuously and indeed rapidly.”

This NTI considered as being imperative in that the NonStop community is now looking well beyond the data replication functionality we have traditionally associated with business continuity to where they can distribute, transform and integrate data whenever there is a demand for the freshest of data an enterprise can consume and that remains a fundamental advantage from running mission critical applications on the NonStop platform.  

Virtualization, Clouds and GreenLake may all be making an impact on how you look at deploying your NonStop solutions and with NTI’s support for Continuous Adaptation, NTI  makes sure you have optimal DRNet®/Unified features that best meet these demands. Consider with NTI, adaptability is indeed overcome!

In the coming months and at events planned for 2023 the NonStop community will hear a lot more on the topic of Continuous Adaptation and how NTI, as part of its own digital transformation journey, has committed to support NonStop participation in the demanding world of enterprise hybrid IT. Look for NTI at the major NonStop events including the upcoming pan-European eBITUG event in Edinburgh this spring as well as the NonStop TBC23 in Denver this fall.

If the requirements of your enterprise are for greater NonStop participation and you would like to know more about DRNet®/Unified and how it might meet your immediate business needs, simply call the number below or email us at any time at

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