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NTI: Delivering on our commitment to support the worldwide NonStop community



For as much as it can be disrupting to travel back and forth across the Atlantic when it comes to supporting the NonStop user community, through the years NTI has been consistent in its support of NonStop user group events. Making it particularly relevant was the fact that this year’s pan-European E-BITUG conference was a return to the in-person events we just know the NonStop community likes to attend. Any perceived disruption to our business routines was simply put to one side as the value that is derived from face-to-face interactions is well, priceless!

Given that E-BITUG provides the NonStop vendor community with an opportunity to reinforce key messages and to connect the dots between vision, strategy and deliverables in this way are activities that strengthen the posture of NTI in today’s NonStop marketplace. Having been the premier provider of Business Continuity solutions for almost four decades and having pioneered the Change Data Capture (CDC) methodology, there is always value in taking advantage of the opportunity to sit down and converse with members of the NonStop user community.

As a Platinum Sponsor of E-BITUG it was our pleasure supporting the European NonStop community and be among the first to congratulate the BITUG committee for once again putting on a conference that was both informative as it was at times entertaining. The pre-conference beer bust is always a winning strategy in our books and continues to be the ideal ice breaker when we are part of a community where many of the attendees are not known to us. As for the hotel, it has anchored NonStop community events for as far back as we care to remember and its location cannot be beaten.

Our Platinum Sponsorship gave us the opportunity to give the first vendor plenary session following the opening presentations by the HPE NonStop team. What was especially pleasing was to see as many attendees return after the coffee break to hear Richard Buckle of Pyalla Technology give his presentation. At conferences like this it is often the case that discussions initiated in the first break of the day can be intense so to see as many attendees cut short important discussions to hear Richard present on behalf of NTI was an encouraging outcome for the first day of the conference. 

Two themes were the focus of the presentation – the emergence of business resilience and with it the need to absorb change and adapt as well as the support that comes from a thriving ecosystem. Having absorbed the news that a small group of NonStop vendors were now part of the HPE price book and that for the majority of vendors looking to grow their business, the playing field had tilted in the favor of the HPE sales team, it was important to communicate how NTI was embracing the challenge this presented. NTI was never going to leave the NonStop marketplace so what has now transpired has been accepted as a challenge to engage the NonStop user community in a more proactive manner.

And what does this actually mean? For business resilience to be achieved not only do NonStop vendors need to absorb the changed playing field but adapt and explore new ways to be relevant. Long standing relationships between vendors like NTI and the global NonStop user community remain an important ingredient with any new or changed NonStop deployments and with more than 100 NonStop systems already under license to NTI, this represents a tremendously fertile landscape into which new solutions can be introduced.

Yes, it’s all about the data; data that is created on NonStop. We have listened to the enthusiastic articulation of this fact from senior HPE executives on down to the solutions architects we often engage and it is through this focus on data that NTI is supporting products and product packages designed to ensure the data created on NonStop can be used for business continuity as well for data integration and distribution. And just as data is driving many of the decisions being made by IT management it is also important not to ignore the growing need for analytics and the early indications from our DRNet®/Unified users is that as a data-focused solution, DRNet®/Unified is proving to be an ideal platform out of which data can be readily replicated to wherever it is most needed.

When it comes to ecosystems, this is of growing importance to NTI. The image of a spider spinning its web was among the highlights of Richard’s presentations. For every NonStop vendor becoming aware of a technology refresh has become a non-trivial exercise as only the NonStop sales team are made aware of such refreshes. But just as a spider has poor eyesight, depending instead on any disruption on their web – the slightest touch transmits an awareness to the spider – so too does a NonStop vendor ecosystem provide all participants with the first signs that changes are coming. Look for even more expansion of the NTI ecosystem in the coming months.

Creating an ecosystem is only part of the story; communicating its existence is just as important. To this end, NTI has worked with CSP to bring to market the Global NS Partner Portal. It is through the excellent work of CSP that this portal has emerged with the intention of “showcasing the entire solutions’ ecosystem for NonStop systems presenting as it will the complete landscape of applications available for the NonStop platform,” said CSP General Manager, Henry Fonseca.

“As we look back at E-BITUG even as we will soon be on the road in support of CTUG, N2TUG, MexTUG and more, we are encouraged by the desire among the NonStop user community to know more about the rich variety of product offerings available to them,” said Tim Dunne, NTI’s Global Director Worldwide Sales. “Having a choice has always been the expectation of the NonStop community and as we rise to meet the challenge of communicating the value proposition of our product offerings, NTI is committed to it’s partners, to the portal and in continuing to meet all the data needs of today’s NonStop user.”

If your need is for data focused products that bring business resilience to your company and you would like to know more about DRNet®/Unified and how it might meet those business needs, simply call the number below or email us at any time at:

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