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If you have not be present at recent NonStop Regional User Group (RUG) events you may not have been keeping up with all that is happening at NTI. The company is demonstrating a renewal that is touching all aspects of the business – new sales leadership, new solutions architects and support staff, new marketing perspectives that together have taken NTI and wrapped its new messaging on its strategy for the NonStop user which takes off in numerous directions. What hasn’t changed is the skillset within NTI’s development team or the focus of NTI’s executives. Having witnessed firsthand the sizable investment HPE has made of late in NonStop it is clear that NonStop has a future and it’s just as clear that IT has become a lot more accepting of the presence of NonStop within Hybrid IT.

When we talk of renewal this isn’t taking place randomly or without a plan. What renewal for NTI means is that its core technology based on industry-accepted best practices built on Change Data Capture (CDC) models and leveraging to better distribute, integrate and transform data to meet the needs of business that go beyond simply helping businesses out with disaster / recovery (D / R) options. This isn’t to say NTI is shifting its focus away from data replication, but rather, it is in recognition that the need for replicating data has broadened to where it is needed for a lot more usages than simply backup in case of disasters. As for Hybrid IT where data centers will be populated with a mix of servers together with on-prem private clouds and possibly connections to multiple public clouds, ensuring service to applications deployed on NonStop will be essential for any business looking to stay in business and becoming even more competitive.

In the world of real time transaction processing, this renewal is being driven by not just business embracing Hybrid IT, but rather, in an always-connected, always-on world that is central to HPE’s messaging, every touch point a business may have with its customers and business partners needs to be fault tolerant and capable of supporting applications 24 X 7. Furthermore, it has been the observation of NTI that meeting this requirement goes way beyond running an application on NonStop as it entails connecting NonStop with the rest of IT in a manner that is not going to detract from the overall performance of NonStop.

To this end, NTI has developed a strategy now being branded as PROVisioning: Excellence in Data – a very firm stake in the ground that NTI is now the NonStop community’s best option for taking data from NonStop and integrating with everything around it in the new Hybrid IT world that’s appearing inside enterprise data centers. What this means is that whether data needs to be replicated to a D / R site, to a data lake or warehouse, or simply distributed to a plethora of intelligent, off-prem, servers then DRNet® has the products you should consider. And whether NonStop itself is on-prem, running virtualized on a server farm or private cloud or perhaps even on a public cloud, DRNet® can ensure the data created by the real time transaction processing makes it to where it’s needed. Reliably and without any lessening of the data’s integrity or breaching of the security inherent in enterprise networks today.

“Is your business under pressure to integrate data created on NonStop with applications running elsewhere in your enterprise? Do you have a need to capitalize on real time data and metadata to gain better insights into end-user behavior,” asks Tim Dunne, NTI Senior Vice President, Worldwide Sales. More importantly, says Dunne, “With our introduction of NTI’s PROVisioning: Excellence in Data – a strategy encompassing data replication, data integration, data distribution and data transformation for seamless integration into enterprise analytics’ platforms. PROVisioning with DRNet®/Vision will clearly address all your solution needs allowing you to compete effectively in today’s business environment. As a long time, well-respected HPE NonStop solution provider, NTI has designed a lightweight solution to extend its current capabilities or coexist with existing replication technologies.”

If as yet you have not had the chance to check out NTI’s quick overview of PROVisioning: Excellence in Data solutions as they become available, click here.

For more information about DRNet®/Vision, please contact us at, visit or stop by for a visit at:

ATUG September, 18 2019

CTUG September, 25 2019


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