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NTI is committed to building on the success of 2019 this year. As we enter February 2020, Regional User Group (RUG) events loom large on the NTI calendar. We have committed to fully supporting as many as we possibly can and to build on the relationships that began in recent times – it was perhaps the most pleasing aspect of 2019 that so many of you came to us and asked for information on our major initiative – PROVisioning: Excellence in Data and we have made this commitment in a manner that doesn’t require any drama or risk when changing “lanes” to embrace DRNet®.

As an initiative, PROVisioning: Excellence in Data represents an umbrella overreaching all of our programs, from data replication, to integration, distribution and transformation. This initiative has been driven by our own observations that the NonStop community will be pursuing change on multiple fronts. There will be migrations and parallel running involving movement to NonStop X systems. Movement too will be involved in all aspects of testing and piloting solutions running on Virtualized NonStop (VNS) and of course, there will be combinations as traditional NonStop X systems may be complemented by multiple VNS systems supporting initially development and testing tasks. No matter how you view your individual programs for 2020, data will need to move and naturally enough, DRNet® will be there to help you!

Last month we wrote about the complementary nature of VNS, observing that the moves to bring to the community Converged NonStop systems, Virtualized Converged Systems, Virtualized NonStop and yes, even NonStop and NonStop SQL as Services, NSaaS / DBaaS, are providing existing and even new users of NonStop plenty of options as to how best deploy NonStop. Furthermore, it is apparent to NTI that the potential to add new logos to the NonStop community has never been better and for 2020 we anticipate seeing many more enterprises / industry markets penetrated by NonStop than ever before.

It is now clear to us that data replication will continue to be our flagship product but already there are signs that data integration will gain ground in 2020. It was almost a year ago that NTI revealed a new solution called DRNet® /Vision. The idea behind DRNet® /Vision was to capitalize on data replication, based on Change Data Capture (CDC), so that our users could be able to replicate NonStop data and metadata out of NonStop into Splunk using an intermediary database.  And this was just the starting point in this endeavor. Since then NTI has enhanced DRNet® /Vision to use JSON as the light-weight interface and in so doing, open access to a multitude of data consumers – such as Hadoop, Kafka, ELK and others.

“The interest in the market has exceeded expectations as more and more NonStop users are signing up for PoCs. NTI is confident DRNet® /Vision addresses and solves a common need to further mine data within the NonStop community and expects this trend to continue. The beauty of DRNet® /Vision is the ability to easily and quickly co-exist with incumbent replication technologies in a non-threatening manner; there is no need to contemplate replacing incumbent products as the beauty of being based on CDC is that DRNet® /Vision will readily complement existing product deployments.” – Tim Dunne, NTI Senior Vice President, Worldwide Sales.

Given the interest in VNS, there are numerous enterprises exploring best practices for NonStop deployment and it’s becoming clear to NTI that we will likely see multiples deployments present within the data center for some time. There will be mission critical applications running on traditional NonStop systems – mostly NonStop X systems by the end of 2020 – development and test systems deployed virtually on x86 servers supporting VMware with more than a few enterprises taking baby steps towards running NonStop-as-a-Service on private clouds. Which is to day, for 2020 there will be premium placed on data centric solutions such as DRNet® that ensure data makes to where it’s most needed. Yes, NonStop creates the data but it is NTI that replicates, integrates, distributes and transforms that data and turns it into information for better business insight.

The ideas, the beauty and yes the value behind, and for, broadening NTI’s product set to include DRNet® /Vision has been driven by our recognition that Hybrid IT is with us to stay. As such, it will mandate flexibility on a broad scale and with DRNet® /Vision such flexibility is now at hand. No matter your predisposition towards traditional data replication products these prior decisions don’t need to hold you back – NTI can readily coexist with a variety of products already present in the data center. Should our strategy and the products under the overall umbrella of DRNet® excite you as much as it excites us here at NTI then let us encourage you to call us any time – we will be glad to tell you more about our strategy, products and yes, our DRNet® /Vision.

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