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NTI: Enjoying a heightened presence within the NonStop community



Entertaining nights in the Hilton Denver Presidential Suite.

The momentary impressions may not last through the year but the overriding sense of community was a highlight for NTI during the NonStop TBC 2023 Conference. These events may come and go, but there is no escaping the heightened presence of NTI this year. Whether it was the sponsorship of the Wreck ‘Em Rally on the last night of the conference or the visible stance of NTI as a Diamond Sponsor where a steady stream of NTI team members could be engaged at any time. However, maybe the biggest impression of all was the one created each night as fifty to sixty plus community members gathered each evening for informal conversations over adult beverages.

Given that the Hilton Denver Presidential Suite included a stand-up bar – and yes, there was a Hilton staff bartender present each night to mix any requested cocktail – together with a pool table, there wasn’t a moment that passed without one NonStop community member or the other offering to provide further insights on NonStop following a keynote or technical session. This in essence is why the HPE NonStop team together with the Connect organization work so hard to create these conferences as they are THE place to be to network, for vendors finding new prospects, for all attendees to hear about the latest product or feature and to catch up with colleagues not seen in a year.

For the NTI and TANDsoft teams, having an opportunity to interact with the most senior NonStop managers present at the conference was priceless. For NTI to have the heads of Americas, EMEA and AP-J present for the occasion meant there was ample time to discuss future opportunities for DRNet®/Unified. The marketplace today is very challenging as the NonStop team has a checklist of products to promote, but already we are seeing wrinkles develop. Relationships still mater and where strong relationships have been built between NonStop customers and the NTI sales and support teams, tech refreshes continue to highlight how DRNet®/Unified bests any challenges that NTI customers encounter.

“Every year we look forward to this annual major event
for the NonStop community and this year, the
NonStop TBC 2023 Conference delivered for NTI.
The NonStop community rose to the occasion and the
NTI team came away pleased with the number of
NonStop customers that took advantage of the opportunity
to initiate conversations with NTI that are continuing
in earnest long after the conference concluded. We couldn’t
have wished for anything better from the NonStop community.”

Tim Dunne, NTI’s Global Director Worldwide Sales.

There was considerable attention given to opportunities arising from NonStop customers who at the time of the conference remained loyal to Oracle and GoldenGate. While last year there had been some wins for the NonStop sales team, the most recent competitive win went the way of DRNet®/Unified. There will be more coverage of this big win in EMEA coming in presentations at RUG events in 2024. Watch out for NTI updates at those times to hear more of the latest win for NTI.

Partnerships are gaining more attention with each NonStop TBC Conference. This year’s conference was no exception. Individual NonStop vendors are diligently working to develop strong ties to other NonStop vendors in adjacent markets and for NTI, this has been an important consideration in our marketing outreach. Established partners like TANDsoft have been very important to NTI and sales of their products to NTI customers has proved invaluable to both parties. Following this conference, there are plans in place to add additional partners looking to enjoy OEM-style relationships with NTI that follow the model established between NTI and TANDsoft. Again, watch for likely updates on these development at upcoming RUG events in 2024.

Individual NonStop vendors creating their own partner ecosystems has been a long-standing tradition within the NonStop community dating back to the times of Tandem Computers and ITUG Summits past. ACI and Insession; comforte and InfraSoft; NuWave and TIC Software – the tradition is very much as alive as it ever has been. Nowhere is this in evidence that with the creation by CSP of the Global NS Partner Alliance. From the outset, NTI was a supporter being part of the conversation to bring this to fruition and to take on substance that began with the NonStop TBC 2022 Conference. Having a place to go for the latest news on NonStop vendors and their products is now open to customers and prospects, the NonStop sales teams and even the HPE GreenLake team.

As a Diamond Sponsor, NTI had the opportunity at the TBC 2023 to provide the NonStop community with an update on DRNet®/Unified. It was good to see a substantive number of NonStop customers present for the update. Embracing Continuous Adaptation, Delivering Business Resilience was the perfect occasion to introduce to the NonStop community, the four Es – Extricated and freed from disasters; Embraced adjustment and to communicate; Executed and put into effect; Enhanced to further improve the value.

To view a pdf of the presentation, check out the hyperlink above or cut and past this url into your browser –

 Connecting the dots, as they say and starting with business continuity freeing NonStop users from potential disasters to where absorbing and adapting to change becomes imperative as challenges arise to where responses are put into effect that leads to a cycle of value improvements will be the highlight of future NTI presentations in 2024. Whichever NonStop conference or event you have the opportunity to attend then make sure you take the time to hear more of the leadership provided by NTI as NonStop customers dig deeper into how to best meet their own needs for business resilience.

As we draw close to the end of 2023 and look forward to what is to happen in 2024 – are you going to Berlin for the European GTUG and are you planning to for the trip to Monterey for the next NonStop TBC Conference – what transpired in 2023 marked a highly visible uptick in the support of the NonStop community by the NTI team. Its support for conferences at the highest sponsorship hasn’t gone unnoticed by the NonStop community and this was done by design as there is no better marketing and sales forum than being face-to-face with the NonStop customer leadership. Being able to talk about recent wins against stiff competition is a message almost every NonStop customer finds time to hear.

What featured so highly in 2023 was that with the DRNet®/Unified product suite, NonStop users have a clear path laid out for them that leads to business resilience. Whether you can readily recall the 4 Es (Es – Extricated and freed from disasters; Embraced adjustment and to communicate; Executed and put into effect; Enhanced to further improve the value.) it remains a four-step approach that NTI has taken – data replication (business continuity), absorption and adaptation (continuous adaptation), partners sharing information (vendor ecosystems) and crisis reduction (business resilience).

It was this approach that we at NTI found was resonating so strongly with the NonStop community at this year’s NonStop TBC 2023. If you missed attending the conference or didn’t have an opportunity to hear the presentation, visit the NTI Web Site  and tab to the Resources pages where, under Presentations, you will find a pdf of the entire PowerPoint slides deck that support this four-step approach by NTI.

After reviewing the presentation on the NTI Web Site should you like to know more about how DRNet®/Unified meets your business needs then simply call the number below or email us at any time at:

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