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NTI extolls virtue of turning to modern DRNet®/Unified as replacement of legacy GoldenGate

From the NTI Marketing Team



NTI has spent a considerable amount of time travelling to the four corners of the earth. NTI has committed to making such an investment for a very good reason; the NonStop vendor community has become even more competitive of late. With the NonStop team adding yet another layer of competitive complexity, it behooves the major independent NonStop vendors to make sure that their messaging isn’t lost among the noise such complexity creates. NonStop community conferences and events have proven to be the best forum in which to promote a company, its products and partnerships and this has been the single most important way to keep the NonStop community better informed of current NTI engagements.

“As the year came to a close, we participated in VNUG and BITUG events,” said Tim Dunne, NTI’s Global Director of Worldwide Sales. “From my own observations when at BITUG’s Little SIG event, it was evident that with the close of 2023 interest in NTI continues to be strong and for that we have to thank the NonStop community’s willingness to engage with all vendors of the NonStop community.”

NTI has been working more aggressively these past eighteen months to ensure the customers of NonStop systems are fully aware of just how effectively NTI with its DRNet®/Unified product suite has met their business requirements. Perhaps no single message from NTI has resonated more strongly than that of risk mitigation. In an era where NonStop customers are in the midst of technology refreshes and are reviewing their overall mix of products, mitigating risk has become a priority.

In a promotion by Forrester Research analysts for a November webinar, Security and Risk, you will read –

“With change happening so fast and the regulatory environment in a constant state of evolution, the ability to adapt quickly and safely is paramount. Building trust lets you manage and mitigate risk, protect your organization, strengthen employee loyalty, and enhance your reputation. Your trust agenda must be authentic, intentional, and robust.

“Achieve this, and people will trust you to take smart risks, experiment with emerging tech in responsible ways, expand into new markets, and offer more enhanced services and capabilities.”

NTI recognizes such mitigation of risk can be achieved with three simple actions – overall product fit, geographic coverage, and NonStop partner participation. What this means is that there is rarely a NonStop customer location not addressed by NTI and its growing ecosystem of supportive partners. As for NTI’s product meeting NonStop customers’ expectations the support of continuous adaptation has become a highlight of the presentations that were given starting with the NonStop TBC 2022 and continued throughout all of 2023.

As Forrester posted, “the ability to adapt quickly and safely is paramount.” In providing DRNet®/Unified, NTI hasn’t found a need to change the underlying foundations of DRNet® but rather, exercised creativity to group capabilities that met specific business requirements. A positive response to the need to absorb the changes markets dictate even as the response is to adapt. Some NTI customers wanted the flexibility that comes with a DR solution supporting active-active configurations while other NonStop customers were looking for an optimal solution for data integration with Oracle databases proving to be a popular target. Other NonStop customers were looking to simply create a more manageable way in which to carry out the migrations that come with any technology refresh. DRNet® delivers on all counts and these capabilities are all achieved from the same proven code base that has existed for many years.

“NTI support for events at the highest sponsorship levels hasn’t gone unnoticed by the NonStop community and this was done by design as there is no better marketing and sales forum than being face-to-face with the NonStop customer leadership,” said Tim Dunne. “Being able to talk about recent wins against stiff competition together with the expansion of the NTI partner ecosystem is a message almost every NonStop customer finds time to hear. When it comes to overall product fit, with DRNet®/Unified data centric focus, NTI delivers a product that can reliably replicate data to wherever it is most needed; for recovery, distribution and integration.”

Perhaps there is no bigger news about how well NTI has embraced continuous adaptation than  winning new business. Event presentations can only take an audience so far but if there is no evidence of successfully executing on a strategy then the presentation can lead to a somewhat mute response. This is not the case with NTI as it begins to mount an even more visible migration program – a program centered on helping NonStop customers migrate off dependencies on Oracle and GoldenGate. “Going head-to-head against its competitors, the most recent major win for NTI with DRNet®/Unified was achieved in EMEA. This not only represented the addition of a new logo but extends the geographic coverage with one more country now supported directly by NTI.

Without the need for any additional products and as the originator of Change Data Capture (CDC) methodologies that were subsequently embraced by GoldenGate, the move to DRNet®/Unified is as straightforward as it is an opportunity to embrace a vendor that is committed to NonStop. What adds to our value proposition is that DRNet®/Unified has BASE24 capabilities as part of our standard product offering,” said Tim Dunne. “What this brings to the NonStop customer is a reduced resource commitment to any conversion effort from GoldenGate to DRNet®/Unified.” The NonStop community has recognized the extent of the rocky relationship that exists between HPE and Oracle but with NTI, there exists no potential existential threats, implied or otherwise. Be sure to look for more exciting news about NTI’s migration strategy at upcoming events in 2024 following our most recent win in EMEA with NTI launching DRNet®/Unified for GoldenGate Conversions.

As for partnerships, the list of those who have expressed an interest in sharing market information with NTI continues to grow. The most recent addition has been TIC Software with the exchange of company logos having been completed and now visible on both vendors partner page. “We appreciate the opportunity to participate in NTI’s cross promotion campaign,” said Phil Ly, TIC Software President. “Such collaboration enables partners to reach a wider audience jointly with more ideas and solutions that benefit the whole NonStop User Community.” In acknowledging his view on the strength in partnerships, NTI is extremely thankful to the NonStop vendors that share similar goals when it comes to meeting the needs of the NonStop user community. Adding the twelfth vendor as a partner is a reminder of how independent vendors work effectively to level the playing field when competing with the NonStop team. To view the full list of NTI partners, visit the NTI Web Site Partners page.

Mitigating risks and making migrations as simple as they have now become with the product that has adapted to the modern world of hybrid IT and virtualization and one that continues to be directly supported wherever NonStop systems are deployed, makes DRNet®/Unified the most recent member of that elite group of “must have” products for NonStop. But if as yet, you have not been present at an event where NTI had participated or heard our latest presentation, perhaps it’s time to plan for attending one or more of the events close to you. We will be there, visible and willing to discuss your data needs. However, should you like to know more about how DRNet®/Unified meets your business needs today, then simply call the number below or email us at any time at:

Network Technologies International, Inc.
635 Park Meadow Road, Suite 209
Westerville, Ohio 43081-2877

Phone: +1 (614) 794-6000

N.T.I. Limited
Ard Mhuire
Camp Street
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