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NTI launches major marketing initiative; first up, a new web site!



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NTI Oct 21 - 1

Much is happening at NTI and it’s all good news for the NonStop community. Whenever the needs of business can be addressed through choice, the business wins! In today’s business world nothing has a higher priority than being able to support customers and business partners around the clock. Recent outages of major social media sites and news aggregators have highlighted the vulnerability of IT infrastructure and a NonStop system users need to know they have the bases covered.

Building a resilient fault tolerant environment requires a level of redundancy that extends to the deployment of backup installations – secondary and even tertiary. This is the opportunity that NTI has focused on longer than any other vendor. NTI has been a pioneer that has achieved multiple firsts. Business prioritizes availability and it is NTI that delivers:

To better inform the NonStop community of the breadth of capability of DRNet®/Unified for HPE Customers, NTI has accomplished an impressive replacement of our website. This revised web site features modern capabilities and provides comprehensive solution content blending proven capabilities of  NTI and TANDsoft solutions previously publicized as part of the ‘DRNet®/Unified for HPE Customers’ messaging. You can now check out this updated web site at –

Most important of all messages however may very well be the opening lines on the web sites home page – A single-source solution to meet all your data needs. Data is the new currency of business and data is created on NonStop, but having the opportunity to replicate data to other databases and processes has become critical to business. Whether you need to replicate to an Oracle database or to a Kafka, or Splunk, or Elk process all from within a single solution makes the choice so much easier.

NTI Oct 21 - 2

Business today is hybrid, core to edge, virtual. What does this mean? It is constantly changing but with an emphasis on data a constant:

“IT organizations must step up to address the needs of business in a manner that ensures flexibility while guaranteeing availability. These requirements are focused on better use of data – transforming data into information and then deploying information in ways that provide greater insights into how the business competes in the marketplace. Before these insights can be realized, data must be moved!”

We have just shared this news with our customers but it is now time to take our message to a wider audience. Every NonStop user will appreciate that they have a choice when it comes to mission critical data solutions that cater to all their data needs. Nothing benefits NonStop users more than having the option to run the best data replication solution available today.

Business may not buy DRNet® just to replicate to Oracle or perhaps only for its support of Kafka, but then again, for the NonStop user already benefitting from DRNet®, there is now no reason whatsoever to look past the product on which they have depended for many years.

DRNet®/Unified for HPE Customers does it all and in so doing addresses all your data needs. And to avoid any misunderstanding on another topic, our TANDsoft database comparison solution is the fastest and most comprehensive solution in the marketplace, bar none – judge for yourself!

Following NonStop TBC 21, NTI will begin promoting several webinars and articles all focused on bringing the story of DRNet®/Unified for HPE Customers directly to you. First up, plans are well under way to deliver our first webinar, Wednesday, November 17, 2021. More information will be forthcoming shortly.

As we consider our direct line-of-sight to you, unabashedly unfiltered, of the utmost importance for you, at NTI we are initiating our own programs to better inform the NonStop Community of our competitive solution offerings for all things data – your data!

The DRNet® product portfolio represents the most robust and only directly supported enterprise data replication solution available for today’s NonStop user.  Imagine experiencing relief achieved by eliminating those repetitive, time consuming ‘hand-offs’ until you finally reach the person who can solve your issue. Instead, at NTI we have you in our radar screen the entire time, we know your configuration on the first call.  No layers, no filtering.

The new web site is just the beginning and additional products and features will be added shortly. If you want the inside scoop on what is about to happen please make sure you mark your calendars for our first webinar November 17, 2021.

Again, we welcome you to our new web site and encourage everyone to take a test drive at your earliest convenience. Should you have any questions or would like to join the conversation, then let us know. We would be happy to share with you more about DRNet® – our solution, our strategy and the mission we are undertaking for all NonStop users.

Call the number below or email us at any time at

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