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NTI: Looking forward to 2021 and continuing growth for DRNet®



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NTI Jan 21

It is not every day that you come across an article that starts out with a string of clichés. However, a well-known Australian computer pundit, Kim Brebach, strung enough clichés together to make a very important point in his latest article published on LinkedIn. But first, consider just these two sentences, “Let’s think strategically for a moment: if we put amazing words like these – mesmerize, incentivize and monetize – together with powerful clichés, we’ll have a marriage made in heaven. We could own this space, right?” Given how many virtual events we have attended in 2020 even the simple phrase “virtual event” or even “virtual experience” has attained a certain level of cringe-worthiness, right?

For NTI it’s been a year we can only best describe as successful. We have launched new products and features that have been picked up by key members of the NonStop community with PoCs all looking good. It’s been a year where we have built on partnerships with other like-minded NonStop vendors to ensure core competencies (ours and those of others) are being leveraged for the benefit of our customers. In 2020 has the groundwork was laid for an even bigger partnership that we will unveil as the month comes to an end. Again, all positive news for the NonStop community. The landscape for replication products is extremely competitive but for the NonStop user, NTI is unique in offering an all-in-one solution requiring no additional products or mandating the presence of prerequisite features.

Our vision for DRNet® is focused on data. Everything we provide supports an aspect of data that is of importance to our customers and we do so using tried and true Change Data Capture (CDC) methodology: Replicating data for business continuity; distributing data for better business cooperation; integrating data with data collected elsewhere for greater business insight and finally, transforming data to accelerate capitalizing on new business opportunities! As HPE heralds the beginning of the age of insight, it’s the vision of NTI to provide the NonStop community with highly integrated set of tools necessary to make this all happen!

When it comes to strategy we firmly believe that it’s our customers who determine what is strategic for them even as they make determinations as to what best meets their needs now and into the future. Ecosystem is becoming an overused expression and almost a candidate for being yet one more cliché but partnerships tell quite a different story with positive ramifications for all NonStop customers. “It’s worth noting NTI has offered one-stop shopping for NonStop data and file replication for the past two decades leveraging partner products from TANDsoft – directly sold, directly supported by NTI,” said NTI Global Director, Worldwide Sales, Tim Dunne.

This quote by Dunne and the reference to TANDsoft and its inclusion in the growing NTI ecosystem comes from the latest post to the NTI blog, NTI: Bringing value of partnerships to NonStop customers. In this post the article published by Brebach is also referenced and concludes with the following observation that surely will bring a smile to the face of many readers. “Yeah, maybe it’s time for a big re-think going forward, before all my chickens come home to roost. Now here’s the 64,000 dollar question: what if the elephant in the room tramples all over my chooks?”

To read more of what NTI is planning for 2021 and the significance of partnerships, ecosystems and most important of all, the role data plays in the pursuit of NTI’s vision, simply follow the hyperlink above. Should you have any trouble viewing the post via this hyperlink, you can cut and paste the following url into your favorite browser:

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