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NTI – No indications of stopping NonStop in 2020 and there are no signs of stopping DRNet®



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End of year celebrations oftentimes means that there is still that last minute dash to catch up with the NonStop community before it is truly time to look back at all that happened in the year. Even as we finish celebrating Thanksgiving here in the US, with turkey and all the trimmings still fresh in our minds, we are packing bags for the trip across the Atlantic to London where we will be catching up with clients and hopefully, with prospects too, where we can continue to develop relationships forged during previous events. There will be opportunities, no doubt, to catch up with the HPE NonStop team even as there will be networking opportunities that extend long into the evening. However, even among these hectic times there is much that we look back on and where we simply have to say, it’s been a great year for NTI!

It was a really encouraging to see the turn out by the NonStop community at the major events this year – the European Technical Boot Camp (ETBC), Edinburgh, followed by the NonStop Technical Boot Camp (TBC), Burlingame, California. It wasn’t just the number of attendees that stood out, even as it was great to see the level of support coming from the community, it was to be part of an enthusiastic group of people passionate about all things NonStop.

One of the highlights of the year was to see just how often NonStop senior management pointed out the value proposition of NonStop in today’s Hybrid IT world where perhaps no message resonated more strongly than that which was provided at the conclusion of the Mission Critical Systems VP & GM, Jeff Kyle’s, presentation at the TBC 2019 – NonStop, won’t Stop! Among the NonStop customer base it’s still very much about fault tolerance or high availability, but the image of “won’t stop” is hard to ignore – a flashback to when the concept of “permanent availability” was the subject of presentations early on in NonStop’s history.

There was more to this message than simply that, as the NonStop team talked with a lot of energy about the progression NonStop continues to make from support of Industry Standards, to transforming to being Software Defined to where, with virtualization having the potential to be Cloud Optimized. If there had been any concern among stakeholders within the NonStop community, they were put to rest – HPE is investing in NonStop and NonStop will be playing an important role in delivering on HPE’s promise of Hybrid IT and on XaaS, “Everything-as-a-Service.” For NTI, it’s a reinvigoration, where the NonStop teams overall enthusiasm is in turn fueling NTI’s enthusiasm to the extent that in 2019 NTI proudly unveiled its vision and strategy for DRNet®  and supported the messages associated with its stated vision and strategy by delivering product into the marketplace.

From DRNet® and DRNet®/Open came DRNet®/Vision, a family of products meeting the needs of NonStop users to replicate data from NonStop to other databases as well as to integrate data from NonStop into other platforms that can turn data into actionable information. Branded PROVisioning: Excellence in Data, NTI has broadened it’s product portfolio so that data created on NonStop can be replicated, integrated, distributed and transformed and the first NTI customers to take delivery of products in this portfolio are already up and running.

“DRNet®/Vision for Splunk> was just the initial offering addressing the integration of NonStop data with the Splunk platform,” said Tim Dunne, NTI Senior Vice President, Worldwide Sales. “However, with the approach we elected to take together with roll-out of our JSON support that displaced the now-optional intermediate staging server and database, DRNet®/Vision is the Business Intelligence offerings agnostic and supports any that our customers may have chosen. Furthermore, DRNet®/Vision for Splunk> capably supports ACI’s BASE24 and a Connex Proof of Concept is nearing completion.”

It wasn’t just the major events like ETBC and TBC that generated interest and that led to discussions with prospects that encouraged further investment by NTI in its product portfolio as the Regional User Group (RUG) meetings also proved invaluable to NTI communicating it’s message of PROVisioning: Excellence in Data. Whether viewed as a net new product option capable of coexistence with already installed products, such as NonStop’s RDF, or simply as a replacement solution RUG meetings proved ideal venues to explore customers and prospects options. And for that, NTI is acutely aware of just how valuable time spent with customers and prospects truly is.

New logos were added as prospects became customers even as new partners and distributors embraced our product portfolio – extending our ecosystem of partners will be a priority in the coming year. The prospects for 2020 already look encouraging and for that, we have to thank the NonStop community for its willingness to entertain the idea of adding DRNet®, DRNet®/Open, and DRNet®/Vision to support their own upcoming replication, integration, distribution and transformation programs. With the opportunity of adding virtualized NonStop deployments to the many migrations to NonStop X we are witnessing, we truly are excited by our prospects in 2020. And with that, we send you all seasons’ greetings and we look forward to seeing you all next year!

Don’t forget, too that the HPE NonStop HotSpot / IT-Symposium (Berlin) May, 4 – 6, 2020, is getting closer by the month and yes, we will be there and we hope to see you all – NonStop won’t Stop and just as importantly, data on NonStop will keep on being created!

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