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NuWave excited by 2017 with new products and features introduced

NonStop vendors anticipate renewed focus on growth by the HPE NonStop team and NuWave expects to grow right alongside of HPE …



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Whenever you begin considering the state of a community, perhaps the first group to turn to is one where members of the community are focused solely on that community. When it comes to the state of NonStop around the globe, it is the NonStop vendor community that can provide the greatest insight. When we look at the year that has passed and put in place our plans for 2017 the first thing that we have observed is that many NonStop customers have stopped moving away from dependence upon their NonStop systems. Among the more senior executives and managers responsible for NonStop systems there continues to be plans formulated for migrations but we aren’t seeing them really taking any steps to do such migrations.

Here at NuWave we are really excited about the NonStop marketplace as we enter 2017 and for a couple of reasons. It would be hard for anyone that has been a part of the NonStop community not to be pleased with all the new products that have come to market over the last two years – two distinct families of NonStop systems – the traditional Itanium Blade Systems together with the new x86 Converged Systems; considerable energy being exerted to ensure NonStop SQL/MX is compatible with Oracle, making migrations away from Oracle and onto NonStop a lot easier; and now, virtual NonStop is about to join real NonStop whereby NonStop will be able to run as guest of popular virtual machines and hypervisors. As a provider of middleware targeting NonStop users looking to modernize and to better integrate with other systems in the data center, all of these recent developments only add to how positive we remain about the future of NonStop.

However, it’s not just the buzz that is surrounding the arrival of these new products but the return to popularity of the Regional User Groups (RUGs). Watching as additional groups in Atlanta and New York hold their first events in quite some time, as happened last year, and to see them join the more popular events in Canada, Germany, the U.K. and Australia even as the traditional U.S. strongholds for NonStop in Florida, Texas, Arizona and Southern California continue to draw more users to their events as well, is just another source for the buzz surrounding NonStop. And it’s a shared interest coming from NonStop users who are coming to appreciate the sizeable investments being made by HPE in NonStop – missing any event these days means you will likely miss hearing something new and exciting and that’s simply not something that we can remember happening in years past.

NuWave has built its business by supporting customers in the banking, retail and energy business including those customers running financial switches – all strongholds for NonStop. Of course, like many within the NonStop community we are looking to HPE to expand the markets for NonStop and we have seen positive signs coming from manufacturing, and hopefully in the near future, maybe even healthcare and transportation. Our customers span this mix of NonStop users where today, with the products we have successfully installed and deployed, we have such a rich diversity of use case scenarios almost no two implementations are the same. And this speaks volumes not only of the spread of NonStop systems among the NonSop user community but also of the flexibility and utilitarian nature of NuWave.

Shortly, we will be bringing greater focus on our LightWave product offerings. These are our newest products and, just as we did for our original SOAPam products, we first brought into the market (back in September 2016), LightWave Server. This will be followed with perhaps the more highly anticipated variant, LightWave Client, which will go into our Beta program this month to become generally available in the second quarter of 2017. The goal of the LightWave products is to use REST services to open up the NonStop by allowing access to NonStop applications from disparate systems and to allow NonStop applications to access disparate applications or services. NonStop systems aren’t islands of technology operating independently, and as we see our customers making data stored on NonStop accessible and accessing external data from NonStop, it’s paramount that NonStop users have access to products like LightWave Server and LightWave Client to ensure continuing integration with other platforms, including mobile devices.

As we look at what is just over the horizon as 2017 begins, we are excited by all we can see even as we believe that there’s even more good news to come. HPE is investing in NonStop and the NonStop community is responding in like. From all of us here at NuWave we would like to once more wish everyone in the NonStop community a happy New Year and we look forward to catching up with each and every one of you at some event wherever that may be around the globe!

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