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OmniPayments accelerating into the Clouds!

With OmniPayments Cloud services featuring OmniCloudX whether you need public or private cloud deployments, OmniPayments has the solution!




Every driver knows that when the car approaches a corner there are routines to be followed. Muscle memory kicks in for the most part and we know that depending on the radius of the corner, we will apply the brakes, turn-in, and then as we pass the corner’s apex, accelerate while we track out of the corner. The old adage of slow in, fast out is something drivers of all ages are fully aware of – but what is an apex? Professional drivers will tell you that the apex is that point where you can mash the throttle and not have to lift until you repeat the cycle at the next corner.

When it comes to HPE NonStop systems, there was a slowing as a major technology corner approached. Sales of NonStop systems paused even as NonStop developers worked feverishly to bring a completely new architected NonStop system to market. The NonStop X family of systems, based on the Intel x86 architecture and featuring InfiniBand for the interconnect fabric, represented a major turning point for NonStop as all new NonStop X systems were freed from any dependence on proprietary hardware. With the first shipments of NonStop X showing up on data center floors across all continents, it’s now time to “mash the throttle” and attack the mission critical marketplace as hard as possible.

This is particularly the case for OmniPayments. New NonStop systems for the Financial Industry (FI) featuring industry-standard hardware and open software is something every FI has been demanding for some time and it is as if any perceived constraints concerning the deployment of NonStop systems have been removed – Intel x86 servers now populate the majority of data centers and when it comes to clouds, Intel x86 penetration is now greater than 80%. Clouds are proving to be a more efficient way to leverage the power inherent within Intel x86 chips and this is leading to further reductions in costs of running mission critical applications and this too isn’t lost on the CIOs of major FIs.

“If a cloud runs at 80 percent efficiency and a corporate datacenter runs at 20 percent or maybe 30 percent if you are lucky, that is a lot of computing capacity that is no longer sold,” according to an article published on The Next Platform web site. Furthermore, in the article Is This A Server Slowdown, Or Increasing Efficiency? “With Intel having such dominant share of the server market – Xeon and Xeon Phi chips commanded 89.2 percent of server revenues and 99.3 percent of server shipments in the third quarter of 2016 – it is no surprise at all that Intel now rises and falls directly with what is going on among large enterprises, cloud builders, hyperscaler, telcos and other service providers, and small and medium businesses.”

OmniPayments has been aware of not only the accelerated growth in all things x86 related but also in their participation in clouds both public and private. And it is the interest in both public and private clouds that has led to the investment by OmniPayments in the OmniPayments Cloud service centered on the new OmniCloudX product lines. OmniPayments’ new HPE NonStop X servers are at the very heart of the company’s OmniCloudX, the next generation of the popular OmniPayments financial-transaction switch.

“Banks small and large are asking themselves if the business of running an ATM network is really a core part of their business, one which gives them competitive advantage; or one which someone else could operate and manage for them on an ongoing basis,” suggested OmniPayments European VP, Craig Lawrance, in the post Small Banks have more ways than ever to keep their customers happy to the LinkedIn blog, Pulse.

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“Think of the benefits: no capital investment – just pay as you go, no skills requirement, no software upgrades, excellent service levels,” says Lawrance. “The OmniPayments Cloud service is one such service that enables merchants and banks alike to authorize their card payments at a cost-effective level.” OmniPayments has negotiated the turn that has come about with NonStop systems embracing the Intel x86 architecture and is now accelerating rapidly into the dual world public and private clouds. And if performance is a concern, having negotiated the apex successfully, then follow this link to see more of how we blew past 5,000 tps with a routine NonStop X configuration:

Should you want even more information about OmniPayments and the new OmniPayments Cloud services featuring OmniCloudX, please feel free to contact or call us at +1 408 446 9274

Yash Kapadia | CEO | tel +1 408 446 9274